Life Hacks With LaLa Romero, the Co-Founder of Lifestyle Brand Bella Doña

LaLa Romero is a multi-hyphenate: singer, co-founder of lifestyle brand Bella Doña, radio host for Apple’s Beats 1, and host of throwback 90s turn-up Scam and Jam. Hailing from Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley, Romero’s work is all about uplifting and making space for the women who fuel SoCal’s Chicano culture – whether that means designing fly clothes chingonas can proudly rep, making music she describes as “Pretty Brown Sound” or making safe spaces on the dance floor.

Naturally, there’s a lot we can learn from a business-minded woman who does everything from designing apparel to styling photo shoots to writing music, to hosting huge parties. That’s why we tagged along with Lala as she prepped for Scam and Jam, to get an inside look at the helpful life hacks that help her balance it all.

Production Credits:
Director: Rodrigo Olivar
DP: Jordan Gzesh
Producer: Jessica Molina
Editor: Rodrigo Olivar