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Latine-Owned Brands Find Strength in Supporting Community Initiatives, Spotlighted by Target & Remezcla

Chillhouse photos courtesy of Chillhouse. Agua Bonita photos courtesy of Dillon Johnson. Product photos courtesy of Target.
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When it comes to Latine-owned brands in the marketplace, a good debate can be made about what makes a business thrive in today’s economy. Is it dedicated employees? A strong leader? The relationships created within the Latine community?

While it’s probably true that the answer is all of the above, one thing that can’t be forgotten is the support that Latine-owned businesses receive from one another. There are many struggles that come with being a minority and underrepresented group. When Latine business owners lift each other up, there is strength in numbers. By creating positive changes in Latine communities, Latine-owned brands can prove that their businesses are more than just about making profit.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2021 Annual Business Survey, Latine-owned businesses increased approximately 8.2% in 2020. This made up about 6.5% of all businesses in the U.S., generated more than $472 billion and created jobs for nearly three million workers.

Latine-owned brands carried at Target that elevate the power of community-driven projects are amplified by the continuing culture-first relationship between Target and Remezcla. Our collaborative initiative, titled Driven, is ensuring a company’s community connection is amplified through its diverse narrative.

Two Latine-owned brands with a special story to tell are Agua Bonita and Chillhouse, which are currently carried in-store and online at Target. Through two documentaries, Driven: The Cascade Effect of Agua Bonita and Driven: From a Chillhouse to a Peaceful Mind, these Latine-owned companies will be highlighted as trailblazers in their communities.

Chillhouse photos courtesy of Chillhouse. Agua Bonita photos courtesy of Dillon Johnson. Product photos courtesy of Target.
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Agua Bonita is a traditional line of aguas frescas that founder Kayla Castañeda developed after she lost her job during the pandemic. Agua Bonita celebrates its Latine culture and people and acknowledges the farmworkers who make food accessible. Agua Bonita supports migrant farm workers through non-profit organizations, including Justice for Migrant Women.

In addition, Castañeda uses her grandfather as inspiration to create Agua Bonita products. Her grandfather would always bring home imperfect albeit perfectly edible produce that would be put to the side because it was not “pretty” enough to go on grocery shelves. About 30% of all produce in the U.S. goes straight to waste, annually, and Agua Bonita works to negate that through upcycling produce.

“My grandpa would bring us home super ripe fruit from the fields that he couldn’t just stand to let go to waste,” Castañeda said. “I decided to create something that is reflective of my culture, my family, and my grandpa’s teachings. We’ve carried on the tradition of taking real fruit from the fields and creating a delicious drink to share with everyone, from our home to your hands.”

Chillhouse is a line of durable, comfortable and customizable press-on nails that founder Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton was inspired to create after watching her mother treat clients in her cosmetology spas in New York City. Since its inception, Ramirez-Fulton has turned Chillhouse into a leader in self-care rituals and wellness products that will maximize one’s beauty regimen – all while representing her Latina culture. She has also transformed her company into one that is an advocate for mental health care.

“Our growing collection of formulated products aim to help celebrate and simplify self-care rituals,” Ramirez-Fulton said. “We know stress is much more serious than beauty products and spa days. While they are fun and important, mental health issues still abound in today’s world. We also commit to supporting serious conversations through our platform.

Stay tuned for two special documentaries on respectively Chillhouse and Agua Bonita, individually spotlighting the inspiring work and history of each.