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Lee Mariah Armoogam: Healing On My Own Terms

Photo by Jordan Tiberio. Art by Gabriela Sanchez
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“Something as simple as taking a moment of silence—even just five minutes to really honor yourself is very powerful. If more people did that, there would be a huge shift in a lot of the sadness and pain that’s happening in the world. I can say that from the work I’ve done for myself that I’ve definitely felt a massive shift. I would love for others to find a shift of their own as well.”

This is the mission of Lee Mariah Armoogam, a creative from New York working in different fields with a unifying cause: self-love and wellness. The model, jewelry maker, and graphic artist would love to spread positive vibes everywhere through connecting oneself with nature and ancestral practices. In the process, she has successfully established herself as an entrepreneur in constant growth.

For Armoogam, her calling came from deep within the earth, literally. She talks about finding herself in the elements, not a stretch considering her Boricua and Trinidadian roots. “Honoring my ancestral path and tradition really helped me nourish my connection with nature,” she tells Remezcla on a recent phone call. “To me, moments like visiting the water or standing in the sun are very sacred. Spending time in nature really taught me that there’s so much more than what we see.”

It soon became clear to Lee Mariah that to make something worthwhile was to be as honest and authentic as possible, as she explains. “I [wanted to focus] on what brings me joy, comfort, and healing; that made me want to share that with others. There’s so much that we can gain from a more spiritual view of the world.” Her creative path pushed her to challenge herself, step outside her comfort zone, and follow her vision. “I think the aspect of community is very important,” she continues. “Making an effort to connect with like-minded people who are understanding and embrace your vision is really important.”

Social media has been crucial for Armoogam. “When you recognize that it’s a really positive tool [that] you can use to inspire other people, make beautiful connections, and share a bit of beauty in the world, then it just becomes something that’s healthy and balanced in your life. Making connections where it resonates with people or helps them to heal as well is very important.” Her hopes and even trying times took center stage on her socials and helped her become who she is today.

Armoogam says she keeps consistent daily rituals like taking the time to meditate and implementing healing practices, “honoring the things that nourish me,” as she put it. There’s also a professional side to her practice, and for it to develop, Armoogam had to learn to be more organized with her finances and keep record of her plans; skills that didn’t come naturally. Some of the most important instruments for her day-to-day are pen and paper, as journaling is another constant—she carries a small journal everywhere to make annotations. For her wellness, she uses various herbs and practices wood burning. Art is also a priority and pyrography is one of her favorite mediums as well as jewelry making. She’s also constantly learning, finding the audio form and podcasts a huge well of knowledge.

Armoogam’s spirituality defines most of her personal and professional life, studying Ifa and Orisa practices of her Yoruba ancestry. Exploring this side of herself was an awakening. “Oshun is something that really embodies wellness, creativity, beauty, and love. All these different aspects that I’ve always felt so close to. So I think for me, having that full-circle moment [practicing Ifa and Orisa] was just really beautiful.” In her quest to spread peace and joy to the world, she’s currently receiving a teacher’s training on primordial sound meditation at The Chopra Center. “Acknowledging that this is my time to step into my power and honor who I am, what I’m here to do. And I think all of my work at the end of the day is tied down to healing.”

Making a living as a creative is a difficult thing in our current world, and doing so in a spiritual setting is more so. It’s common to hear that money and spirituality are polar opposites, but for someone like Armoogam who tries to make a living by trying to spread some soul healing to the world, it shouldn’t be a conflict. “I think it’s really important to remember that there are so many people who will benefit from what you have to offer to the world and the beauty you have to bring,” she says about this topic. “A lot of our society has often negative ties towards it, so, knowing that at the end of the day, money is something we can use to do really wonderful things with.“

Lee Mariah Armoogam is a living example of being the best version of yourself in the aspects that we need to care more about in our lives; the spiritual and creative sides and making a living off it. Like everyday living, it requires discipline and professionalism but in the end, one can only become better and more at peace when a person nourishes their soul.