Locals Only: Artist Manager Lisandra Bernadet Shares Her Chicago Picks

Foodie, writer, artist manager, writer, and all-around creative Lisandra Bernadet wears many hats, most recently as the manager for up-and-coming Chicago rapper Noname Gypsy. As an alum of Young Chicago Authors (YCA), the writing and performing non-profit youth program that has played a seminal role in developing a new generation of Chicago rappers –  including Chance The Rapper, Mick Jenkins, Noname – Bernadet is tapped into the new artistic renaissance happening in the Windy City. She recently relocated to Brooklyn, but is back in the Chi frequently. We caught up with her to find out her favorite spots to hit up when she’s home.

22/ F/ Brooklyn by way of Chicago.

Tell us what you do?
I manage rapper Noname Gypsy.

What’s the perfect night out in Chicago?
It would have to be during the summer time with a few of your favorite people catching the end of a mid-day street music festival. You all would then mosey on over to an art opening at a gallery in Pilsen after indulging in street food. Once stomachs have been settled and so much free wine has been consumed the next move would be the East Room for Stefan Ponce’s turn-up party, Stefan Ponce & Friends. An end to this perfect ‘lituation’ is to cop a Polish sausage from the lady patiently waiting with her fired up grill on the corner of Milwaukee and W Medville for the danced out and inebriated.

East Room
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What local bands/DJs should we have on our radar?
Chicago is in the midst of a renaissance – we should have the whole city on our radar. But DJ Itzi Nallah co-curates one of the best parties in the city, CumbiaSazo. It happens every month at Double Door for all you tropical bass heads.

CumbiaSazo! at Double Door. Photo by William Camargo
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Best venues for live music?
Green Mill is perfect for the grown and sexy jazz lovers. The Hideout is small and intimate – my personal favorite. Double Door has history and grittiness.

Best place to dance?
In the city where house music was founded and changed the landscape of dance floors around the world, all of Chicago is the best place to dance.

Los Comales
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Best spot for hangover food and/or brunch?
Los Comales cures all hangovers – the alcohol can’t hold up to the medicinal grease!

Best place to meet shorties?
I am the worst person to ask because I like nerdy dudes. I attend panels and book discussions hoping that a cutie with great taste in music and all the degrees talks to me.

Lisandra Bernadet
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How does Chicago inspire your work?
I recognize how lucky I am to be from an incredible city like Chicago– the history here is vibrant and telling of what is to come. There is a community of artists in this city that I am blessed to call my friends who inspire me everyday. Their work ethic and brilliance pushes me to be the best me. This city is unapologetic and unforgiving but every night she will nestle you close to her chest and allow you to hear her heartbeat and the warmth of the sound alone will have you hash-tagging Chicago over everything.

Hidden gem?
Cuerators is a Chicago and Seattle-based music collective. They specialize in the deeper soulful, funky underground music cuts. Alejandro Ayala and Derek Moon are the founders and have an online radio show with their latest finds and will host events around the city for the all-genre loving and vinyl collecting junkies.

Favorite local artist?
This goes with out saying but it is definitely Noname Gypsy. We are in the process of finishing her long-awaited Telefone EP that we hope will drop this summer. She is so thoughtful and protective with her art and will go down as one of the best lyricists of our time. Noname Gypsy is also an incredible person. The friendship and partnership we share is so exciting and I can’t wait for her new music to be shared– it will have the whole world feeling some type of way!