Meet Caro Arévalo, a Sustainable Artist Inspired by the Jungles of Peru

In this video for Open Estudios, artist Caro Arévalo talks to us about being inspired by the jungles of Peru and why remaining present is so important. 

Arévalo’s meticulous paintings tell a story about the interconnectedness of life through depictions of plants, animals and organic forms. Though our environment is in peril, she remains positive and hopeful. Arévalo has found ways to make her process sustainable by using organic inks, watercolors and brushes while contributing to organizations that advocate for rainforest preservation and the rights of Indigenous peoples in the Amazon basin. It is often thought that technology and the natural world are at odds, but Arévalo disagrees—she believes the tools of the internet connect humans across oceans and forests. Hopefully, like Arévalo, we can use these tools for good and work collectively toward environmental sustainability.