MITS and Dos Equis are Teaming Up to Celebrate Mexican-American Creativity & Culture

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In 2016, Mexican online retailer Mercadorama, founded by Ahmed Bautista, began selling a bomber jacket with a bold message of Mexican pride emblazoned in all capital letters on its back. The jacket, the brainchild of designer Anuar Layón, was meant to be a reminder to Mexicans around the world that their culture is beautiful and brilliant. But its arrival on the streetwear scene happened to coincide with the arrival of anti-Mexican rhetoric in the national conversation, giving the jacket’s message an unexpected lift.

MITS co-owners, Anuar Layón (L) and Ahmed Bautista (R).
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Soon, the slogan took on new meaning for customers who found even more reason to proudly rep their roots and culture. And when young Mexicans began posting photos of themselves in the jacket on Instagram, its blunt message went viral.

Nearly two and a half years later, demand for MITS merch hasn’t dwindled, and the team continues to build on their mission to boldly celebrate Mexican culture. Last year, Bautista and Layón kicked off a new partnership with Dos Equis® that will help MITS amplify this goal.

As part of Dos Equis®’ Keep it Interesante™ campaign, MITS is curating a series of pop-up shops and events featuring emerging Mexican-American talent, streetwear designers, visual artists, and musicians whose innovative creative work is, well, keeping it interesante. These creatives are part of a new generation who are unapologetically repping their roots, while reinventing the way the world looks at their culture. The partnership will also include a special edition Dos Equis® & MITS beer can, which will be available at Coachella music festival, so keep your eyes peeled!

Learn more about the partnership and the exciting creatives featured in the video above.


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