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Things We Want: Everything At Naked Boutique’s Online Store

It’s an understatement to say that Mexico City is having a moment–this pulsing city deserves more than that. But in truth, an unparalleled amount of unique talent, individuals and stories are coming out of the city, which inspired Deya Tarno to harness this beautiful energy into her passion for fashion.

Tarno has a been a part of Mexico City’s creative community for many years as a graphic designer, art director and now, creative director of Naked Boutique. She opened the first shop in 2005, where she felt the need to share and support homegrown designers and authentic local brands. As of 2012, Tarno has a beautiful modern space in the hip neighborhood of La Roma in Mexico City, and her stock is continually growing. We chatted about Naked’s philosophy, how the deep-rooted history of Mexico City inspires her, and which artists she would love to work with.

Deya Tarno
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If you’re in Mexico, you can visit her boutique at Cordoba 25, or on their online shop, which ships overseas.

What inspired you to open Naked Boutique?

D.F. has a mystical inheritance that is continually trying to seduce you.

We opened our first store in 2005 in Monterrey, Mexico with a mission to show Mexican and international independent brands, emerging and established designers, original jewelry, etc. We started it for fun, featuring people and brands who produce in their country with quality and specifically with a sweatshop-free structure and avoiding mass production. We really had no idea where this would take us: we simply did it out of a deep love for fashion and with the purpose of being a fun boutique where our friends could hang out and discover new and exciting design that we hand-picked.  An important thing for us was shaping a lifestyle through style and design. We have always offered personalized assistance and place great care in letting our clients know we have a direct relationship with them as well as the brands themselves.

Styling & Art Direction: Deya Tarno. Photo: Mariana Garcia.
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In 2009, we became an online shop -the first one in Mexico- based on our philosophy of evolution and keeping the customized aspect of a store, but on a different platform which allowed us to take the ‘Naked Experience’ to a worldwide audience.

In 2012, we opened a personalized showroom at Córdoba 25, in La Roma neighborhood where we plan and hold a lot of happenings with press and media to let them know what’s new at Naked boutique. It’s very important for us to have a physical space where we can interact with people.

What is the philosophy of Naked Boutique? What do you look for in brands that you stock?
Always tell the clients the truth and give them our best so they can be sure they’ll walk out looking fabulous. We aim to create trust among our clients and when that happens they leave happy and come back, which makes us happy as well. As far as designers, we believe in a joint effort based on respect and progress both in creative development as well as retail strategy. We believe in community, which always makes everyone involved stronger.

Styling & Art Direction: Deya Tarno. Photo: Mariana Garcia.
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Regarding the criteria we use for curating, one word; coherence. Coherence in style and quality.

Is this your full-time job? What else do you do?
This is my only job and it’s 24/7.

How does Mexico City inspire you and your boutique?
Mexico city is a very cosmopolitan city with a mix of cultures with colors and textures that inspire me to create the unique personality of the boutique, giving our clients an especially peculiar selection of styled looks.

Styling & Art Direction: Deya Tarno. Photo: Mariana Garcia.
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It’s very easy to casually meet so many creative people on the street, at a bar or party, or gallery opening, and next thing you know you’re doing a creative project together. People are very eager to connect and share. This to me is very inspiring and energizes my relationship with the city.

Also, this city has a mystical inheritance that is continually trying to seduce you.

Who is (or some of) your favorite current Mexican designer?
The best part of my job is that I work with all my favorites. =)!

Styling & Art Direction: Deya Tarno. Photo: Mariana Garcia.
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What do you have to say about style in Mexico City? What trends do you think are unique to this city at the moment?
Eclectic. The city is both modern and ancient, with a deep, long history. The past and present living together in the city are what give it -in my opinion- a certain edge. Mexico City is having a great moment not only in fashion but in contemporary art. Creatives have learned how to keep certain traditional aspects of Mexican culture in their work, but at the same time make a minimalist abstraction that both gives the work a distinct personality and at the same time makes it relevant internationally. Designers are not afraid to experiment with materials and structures, always using some color and subtle ethnic motifs. This mixing and matching is ingrained in our DNA, and, mixed with the wonderful quality and craft the country offers has yielded international results and praise. It is more common than ever to see Mexican names in art, fashion, film, photography, etc.

Styling & Art Direction: Deya Tarno. Photo: Mariana Garcia.
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What is your biggest aspiration for Naked in the future?
To keep working with emerging and established designers, to discover new talent, keep bringing the personalized aspect of my project to a wider audience. I’d like to have a showroom in a new country as well. The possibilities are endless and for sure you’ll be hearing more from Naked Boutique.

Any fellow Latin@ artists/designers/creatives that you dream of collaborating with?
I’m eager to work in a collaboration piece for the boutique with a conceptual artist like Gabriel Orozco or Gonzalo Lebrija. I would also love to do a fashion film about our designers directed by Alfonso Cuarón and,why not, a lookbook-catalogue by Mario Testino.

Can you give us a song/artist/ or video that captures the attitude and essence of Naked? Why?
Solange Knowles- Losing you. I cannot help but think of early Madonna; it’s hip, happy, flirty and the fashion styling is eclectic, effortlessly cool and not trendy.