Narco Wave Drops New Summer NARCO SPORT Lookbook

In 2013, Texas rapper Dro FE dropped his debut EP Narco Wave – a Tejano border kid sound repping for his Rio Grande Valley reality. But Narco Wave came to represent more than just an EP – Dro developed it into a clothing brand and lifestyle movement. “We represent a part of the Mexican/American narco culture that is under-serviced [sic] in today’s society,” he says. “It’s our firm belief that the drug culture in America is profitable for all sides of the spectrum, from police to judges to lawyers. All profit from the drug culture just as the Narcos and drug pushers do.”

With his line Narco Wave, Dro FE is trying to represent a more nuanced picture of the drug war and Narco culture. His partners include Kris Buhidar, who has worked for designing for ALIFE and OVO’s merch, and Mike Malbon, owner of Frank’s Chop Shop.

Narco Wave’s summer 2015 collection NARCO SPORT dropped this week, and this collection replaces some of the more subtle elements of prior collections in favor of a more in your face sporty look and logo-heavy style. Check out some shots from the lookbook below, and cop the limited edition release here. They take PayPal, so sky’s the limit!