Photos: Festival Marvin, Feat. Kap G, Alvaro Diaz, & More

Kap G

Music festivals were pretty much made to induce FOMO. The experience is defined just as much by what you miss out on as the memorable sets you actually get to see.

With seven stages (eight if you count comedy), there was no way to catch all the exciting things Festival Marvin had on deck last weekend. It was kind of a unique way to experience a music festival if you think about it, since the chances you saw the same sets as another person were pretty slim – everyone had their own personal version of the weekend. There’s a ton of things I would have loved to see, Cardiel are a kickass band and they always deliver, Ave Negra should have been fun, and Cementerio De Mascotas sounded cool from outside the venue. Still, there was so much dope stuff I got to see; like the diehard fans gathered early for Little Jesus, Las Robertas slaying with a huge sound, Dromedarios Mágicos playing a show that was both intimate and larger than life, and witnessing legends Os Mutantes playing an inspired set worthy of their legacy.

Some stages were stronger than others, and not to toot our own horn (or scratch our own turntable) but Remezcla got in with a particularly strong one. Kap G, Clxsta and The Guadaloops are all great artists hitting their stride – still fresh, experimenting and consolidating their sound. But passion was something contagious that made you feel why music is so vital, it was something I felt throughout the festival; and no one personified that better than Álvaro Díaz killing it to a reduced crowd at 2:00pm with the afternoon sun lighting up the windows as if it was a lit club at 12:00am.