Day 2: Fiesta de la Flor, Selena Quintanilla Tribute

The people of Corpus are not really about the advanced ticket sales life. At least, that’s what we kept hearing over and over from the moment we got into town. So when Fiesta de la Flor, the two day festival honoring Selena Quintanilla’s life and legacy, announced that they had completely sold out for day 2, people kind of freaked out.

The thirst to get in was intense. An interloper even found his way into a press conference given by the Quintanilla family, stepping up to the mic to ask if there was really no way for him to get his hands on a coveted ticket. (Mr. Q, ever the emprendedor, joked “Sure, I got an extra ticket I can sell you for $200.”)

The incident just underscored how powerful Selena’s legacy remains – over the course of the weekend we met fans who had traveled from England, Hawaii, Ecuador, California, Idaho, and more to be there.

If we needed any more proof that “Anything for Selenas” is true life, we got it midway through the day, when the sky cracked open and released a torrential downpour on the sold-out crowd. It was some pretty extreme rain, but the fans DGAF and stuck it out for the whole night. With tallboys in hand, we danced in the mud to killer sets from AB Quintanilla y los Kumbia Kings Allstarz and Little Joe y la Familia, screaming the lyrics to “Si Una Vez” into the humid night air as fireworks exploded overhead.