12 Personal Frida Kahlo Photos that Show Her Journey as an Iconic Artist

Bernice Kolko/Frida Kahlo Museum

At the beginning of this month, the Heard Museum in Phoenix debuted a Frida Kahlo photo exhibit. “Frida Kahlo–Her Photos” features 240 images from a larger collection of 6,500 from the Mexican artist’s Casa Azul. The Frida love has been going strong in Phoenix since then, with people dressing for the occasion, as well as participating in Frida-inspired events.

Until just a few years ago, the images, as well as some of her personal items, were locked up. They were revealed to the public in 2007. For Frida, whose father was a photographer, pictures played a central role throughout her life. And just as with her art, Frida gave her images a personal touch, including notes, cut-outs, and folds. Man Ray, Manuel, Edward Weston, Nickolas Murray, Martin Munkásci, Lola Alvarez Bravo, and Tina Mondotti are in some of the featured images.

The exhibit is divided into six categories, spanning her lifetime: The Origins; The Blue House; Politics, Revolution, and Diego; Her Broken Body; Frida’s Loves and Photography.

Heard Museum doesn’t allow visitors to take photos, but here are some images that follow Frida from childhood to just a few years before her death.

“Frida Kahlo–Her Photos” will be on display until February 8 at the Heard Museum.