Photos: PERREO en la Playa at Riis Beach

Remember that show Caliente aka the jam of 90s-era Univision? The premise was simple: a bunch of baes grinding on the beach while DJs and live performers played the latest chunes. Some called it the “Latino Soul Train”; I called it the hour of Univision that I actually looked forward to watching with my grandmother, despite the blatant sexual overtones.

All of this is to say that Caliente was pretty much the vibe we were going for when we decided to take our PERREO party to Riis Beach for two days of dembow soundscapes and guayeo. Our two day line-up featured Ynfynyt Scroll, Tygapaw, Joey LaBeija, Deemehlow, Riobamba and Mediopicky, so all the perreo galáctico bases were covered.

To put it in terms we can all understand: ? ? ? ? ??

Hit play on our latest PERREO mixtape below (from resident False Witness) and scroll through photos from the weekend.