Photos: The Dew Tour Hits Chicago’s New Skate Plaza in Grant Park

Dew Tour 2015, in Chicago's Grant Park. (James Bernal for Remezcla)

So far, the new skate plaza in Grant Park –  which debuted in December after a nearly two year effort from the Chicago Park District and the Grant Park Conservancy – has been a radical, community-crowdsourced, and much-needed public space in a city where skateboarding in public areas, streets and sidewalks is often illegal.

Over the weekend, the park hosted its first major event with the arrival of the Dew Tour, which brought top skateboarders and BMX riders out for two days of streetstyle competitions. Drawing more than 30,000 people, the event was a glimpse into the future of the park, and a look at some athletes we’re sure we’ll be seeing more of down the line. Check out our photo recap above, and the competition’s results below.


BMX Street Best Session Results

1. Chad Kerley, San Diego, 91.42. 2. Dennis Enarson, La Mesa, Calif., 88.92. 3. Sean Ricany, Toms River, N.J., 88.00. 4. Garrett Reynolds, Toms River, N.J., 86.58. 5. Bruno Hoffmann, Siegen, Germany, 85.58. 6. Alex Kennedy, Great Britain, 85.17. 7. Broc Raiford, Destrehan, La., 84.83. 8. Matt Ray, Woburn, Mass., 84.50. 9. Colin Varanyak, Hamilton, N.J., 80.67. 10. Simone Barraco, Italy, 79.08. 11. Dakota Roche, Huntington Beach, Calif., 78.67. 12. Jeremiah Smith, Cincinatti, Ohio. 77.67. 13. Timmy Theus, Chicago, Ill. 76.67. 14. Brian Kachinsky, Chicago, Ill. 75.92. 15. Tyler Morrow, West Palm Beach, Fla., 75.25. 16. Alex Donnachie, Great Britain, 73.50. n

Skate Streetstyle Results

1. Curren Caples, Ventura, Calif., 92.00. 2. Louie Lopez, Hawthorne, Calif., 91.00. 3. Alec Majerus, Rochester, Minn., 89.00. 4. Kelvin Hoefler, Brazil, 88.00. 5. Chaz Ortiz, Chicago, Ill. 85.00. 6. Ryan Decenzo, Canada, 81.75. 7. Tommy Australia, 80.50. 8. David Gonzalez, Colombia, 76.75. 9. Milton Martinez, Argentina, 76.50. 10. Taylor Bingaman, Cameron Park, Calif., 76.25. 11. Christian Pfanner, Germany, 74.75. 12. David Gravette, Issaquah, Wash, 74.50. 13. Dane Burman, Australia, 64.50. 14. Clint Walker, Altus, Okla., 64.50. 15. Ben Raybourn, Houston, 60.75. 16 Nick Merlino, Atlantic City, N.J., 54.75.