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Sunglasses in the Club 101: Lessons From Dúo del Sex Plan B

Cultura Dura is a Remezcla and Mike’s HARDER content and event series highlighting emerging Latin urban culture. We’ll be exploring scenes that haven’t really gotten any coverage anywhere else – from block parties and street art to underground sports and raw, young artists making movements pa’ la calle.

Last month, Puerto Rican reggaetoneros Plan B dropped “Love and Sex,” their third album on independent label Pina Records. It immediately climbed to the top of all kinds of charts, including the iTunes Latin Urban Albums chart and Billboard’s Top Latin Albums — which is not surprising. The kids love perreo, and el Dúo del Sex is nothing if not perreo-worthy.  (Put “Si No Le Contesto” on a party and see what we mean — the song is four years old and it’s still guaranteed to make basically every woman in the room drop into a squat twerk).

This time around, Chencho y Maldy pulled a Beyonce and released lyric videos for every song on the album all at once, which means the reggaeton karaoke party you were always dreaming of (or fearing) can finally go down. But no reggaeton party is legit without the signature reggaetonero look: sunglasses in the club.

We caught up with Chencho y Maldy to talk about about their latest release, and answer some of our burning questions about how to pull off shades at night (i.e. how do you get at girls when they can’t see your eyes?) Watch the video below for their tips on how to flourish in the club like God intended: