Pregame Thursday’s PERREO Lituation With This False Witness Mixtape

When we started our collaboration with House Party four months ago, it was based on a hunch that:

1.The people need more spaces for perreo-soundscape lituations, and 2.The city’s biggest weekly hip-hop party — which takes over the entire Webster Hall every Thursday with rooms featuring 90s throwbacks, dancehall, and everything you’ve ever heard on Hot 97 — was missing some chapas que vibran.

Since then, our residents False Witness, Riobamba and Nina Sky have carved out a room where you can hear everything from island industrial club edits to nostalgic reggaeton to Fetty Wap flipped into Spanish to weird latinternet shit that will make you shit your twerk squats.

Basically, summer goals.

This week, we’re excited to host all the homies as a big chunk of the music industry descends on the city for LAMC. To prep you for the vibes, our resident False Witness — fresh off a successful sound installation Puerto/Cerrados at Stream Gallery — made us a little mixtape to get those thighs warmed up:

Photos: Ruben Henriquez and Adrian Gutierrez