Common Dilemmas Spanglish-Speakers Will Relate To

Spanglish is a natural extension of the U.S. Latino experience – a reflection of the blended cultures and references that characterize the outlook of more and more young Latinos. Are we often using words that don’t ~technically ~ exist? Yes. (As our uptight friends at the Real Academia Española love to remind us.) But the truth is, when you’re bilingual sometimes you just can’t fully articulate the scope of your experience in one language alone.

Sometimes, you find yourself unconsciously switching between two languages in the same sentence (this happens a lot in the Remezcla offices). And sometimes, you find yourself blending the two to create new words entirely – like when you remind your friends to “taguearte” in an Instagram photo.

We teamed up with Wendy’s to poke fun at all the ways that Spanglish finds its way into our lives – no matter the scenario. Check out the video below, and add your favorite Spanglish words in the comments!