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Target & Remezcla Partnership Aims To Boost Visibility of Latine-owned Brands

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For many Latine entrepreneurs, starting a business in the last decade has proven to be a promising venture. According to Forbes magazine, there are an estimated 4.65 million Latine-owned companies in the United States, which makes them the fastest-growing segment of small businesses with a 34 percent increase over the last 10 years.

So, who are these Latine business owners who are making an impact in America’s economy, and how can we support them?

According to a study by finance company NerdWallet, almost half of small businesses spend less than two hours per week on marketing efforts. Majority of these companies end up doing the legwork themselves to keep their brand on the minds of customers as much as possible.

Despite the rise in Latine-owned companies over the last decade, many of them don’t have the funds or resources to hire their own marketing teams and content creators. That’s where a partnership between Target and Remezcla can help spotlight their creativity and culture.

Together with Target, Remezcla is launching an innovative content and brand support partnership to help to identify some of these Latine-owned brands from across a spectrum of industries. Through our collaboration, Latine business owners, who currently have retail space in Target stores across the country, will get a boost in visibility. We’re looking to champion these brands and highlight the creativity behind the Latine owners and their products.

Target is committed to shaping the future of retail. They have an accelerator program as well as a Más Que, a marketing campaign “intended to engage and build meaningful connections” with their Latine guests during Latine Heritage Month and year-round. The stores, however, go beyond just distribution. They are focused on supporting the content development of brands and helping them amplify the culture. Now, they are the first retailer to launch a partnership of this kind dedicated to elevating and supporting its Latine owned-brands. These companies include retail brand JZD, bilingual book publisher Lil’ Libros, hair care brand Rizos Curls, and beauty brand Luna Magic.

Through the Target and Remezcla partnership, the Latine-owned brands will get access to Remezcla’s award-winning agency to develop and produce creative and customized marketing content directly for them in a forward-thinking direction.

“The dream was always to break into retail, break into Target,” said Latine business owners with JZD in Brownsville, Texas. “But when it happened, it was…shocking. This is really a labor of love. We are so incredibly proud.”