The Lookbook for Peralta Project’s First Women’s Summer Collection is Serious #Mamicore

Insofar as there is a visual identity amongst the young and in-the-know of Inwood/Washington Heights, Tony Peralta is responsible for it. Go to a party at uptown hotspots La Marina or Apt 78, and chances are you’ll see someone rocking a shirt or hat from his eponymous lifestyle brand the Peralta Project. The line, an alloy of NYC Latino culture, hip-hop and high-end logo satire, contains items specific enough to be inside references (see: the Defend Uptown bandana), as well as items that everyone who grew up with a Univision-watching abuela can relate to (see: the Walter Mercado is My Spiritual Advisor sweatshirt).

Lately, he’s been evolving more in this pan-Latin direction – aiming for the touch points that connect young Latinos across our heterogenous nationalities, neighborhoods, and regional slangs – all while maintaining the ÑYC vibe that grounds his work. Today he dropped his first women’s collection “Que Calor,” and we sprouted about 15 sweat emojis just looking at the shots. The shirts, which feature terms like “necia,” and “chula,” seem to have been inspired by some of the work of brands like Bandida. And then there’s his print of Frida con Rolos, which we predict we’ll be seeing all over the city this summer.

Check out some highlights from the lookbook below and cop the collection here.