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This Lotería Inspired Playlist Is A Win For All Who Play It

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To say that lotería is one of the most iconic games in Mexican culture is an understatement. The game of chance, played by kids and adults, has become as synonymous with Mexico as tequila and luchador masks, an international signifier. It’s also literally iconic, its graphics are what makes them so noteworthy.

This is the basis of Lotería Loca, a new show from CBS based on the legendary game. With a new set of cards and icons, the show presents a revamp of a classic cultural landmark that looks into the future. While the history of lotería goes back to Italy around the year 1400 and was brought to New Spain by the occupying Europeans, Lotería Loca is the latest iteration of the game with updated graphics and themes. To accompany the show, we have assembled a playlist with a song corresponding to each of the cards from the new game.

A lot of Mexican music takes inspiration from lotería. You can chalk it up to coincidence but we like to think it’s more of a subconscious thing. Likewise, Lotería Loca adds illustrations that have become iconic to Latine culture in the present.

In this playlist, the range of genres that represent the game is as wide as Latine music gets. We get classics like Banda Macho’s “La Culebra” and Proyecto Uno’s “El Tiburon” while also digging into deep cuts like Fey’s “Bajo El Arcoiris” and Beatriz Adriana’s “El Cofrecito. From Romances’s era Luis Miguel to Don Omar to Wilfrido Vargas, this playlist will get you right in the mood.

Dig into the sounds of Lotería Loca with this fine serving of icons that will have you winning no matter what combination you end up getting.

Watch Lotería Loca on Mondays on CBS and watch the trailer here.