Tony Delfino Give Us a Preview of New ‘Fire Walk With Me’ Collection

Mexican streetwear brand Tony Delfino, has been teasing out their new collection, “Fire Walk With Me,” all week. In anticipation of the launch tomorrow  – just in time for the holidays – we caught up with Smithe, one of the brand’s owners, as well as collaborator Pogo, to learn more about the Twin Peaks vibe, and what goodies we can expect in  stores.

Why did you get inspired by the series and movie of Twin Peaks for this f/w season 2014?
We had this idea in mind for more than a year now, but we tried to create something near the end of the year since the series is filmed in the woods and in fall. We liked the forest, that was the first hint. Then we started to really get into the characters, the setting and David Lynch’s surreal stuff.

Who was in charge of the production of the lookbook and the mockups, which portray David Lynch’s movie so precisely?
We did the mockup, the videos, the pictures. The idea was to get involved in the project as a whole, not just to make pieces of clothing.

The idea was to get involved in the project as a whole, not just to make pieces of clothing.

We wanted to produce the pictures, the clothing, and have fun with everything. The video we did has a comical and funny style, as everything we create. We wanted to transmit that in the boots video.

One of the most interesting accessories included in the collection is the heart-shaped pin, which is the same one that Laura Palmer (the protagonist and victim of the story) uses. Why did you use it in the collection?
Because it is one of Laura’s most important objects, and we thought that it might call people’s attention. Ours says “Tony Dlfn”.

You love to collaborate, so tell us: who was in charge of the illustration and design of the T-shirts?
This time, all the collection was in-house, we didn’t collaborate with anyone else because this collection [is more of an] an inside joke between Dhear, Pogo and myself.

Even if someone has never seen the series or the movie, they might still like what they see.

One of us did the illustrations and the other two made the composition. It depends on the design, but all the T-shirts display jokes from the series that we adapted in our own way. For example, we made the bird from the intro fat, etc. We kept it simple so that even if someone has never seen the series or the movie, they might still like what they see.

Why did you decide to use the name of the movie instead of only the series? Or does the phrase “Fire Walk With Me” mean something to you?
We used both the movie and TV versions of Twin Peaks as a reference.

“Fire Walk With Me” is a phrase that recurs throughout the series, and we thought that it was a good idea to print it inside of the collection, on details like the stickers.

It doesn’t matter if you’re completely new to the series, the thing is that you like the collection (we hope you do), and that people might feel identified with the phrases and illustrations, instead of just getting interested in the film.

In the stickers, for example, we focused on girls, on more external things, like the squirrel, which doesn’t have a lot to do with the series, but reminds us of the woods. The colors of the beanies and T-shirts were inspired by the palette of the forest, and there are also boots and sheriff bombers that reference the style of the characters on the show. Those will come out on our second season drop, they are a more direct homage.

Perfect! Lastly, I’d like to know: which artists or cartoons does Tony Delfino get their ideas from?
Crazy stuff. For example, this collection started as a whim that Mike had; he kept telling us that it was a good idea. At first we thought of creating the forest, but everything evolved and in the end we decided that it had to be about Twin Peaks.

Now, for spring, we want to create a series of lost Mexican logos (we hope we can get it right) in collaboration with Hello Kid, from Barcelona. In the end, what we decide to create depends on the mood we might be feeling at any given moment.