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Toyota Corolla & the CyberCode Twins Team Up to Help Emerging Latino Tech Entrepreneurs

Still from The Accelerators, Episode 2
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While tech grows increasingly more important as each year goes by, the industry still hasn’t caught up in terms of diversity. But if there’s anyone who knows how much the field can benefit from a more inclusive environment, it’s the CyberCode Twins. Penelope and America Lopez have competed in tech competitions and hackathons all across the world, and they are part of Intel Software Innovators Programs.

That’s why when we teamed up with Toyota Latino to help Latinos tech entrepreneurs, we knew we had to call on the CyberCode Twins. Driving around the streets of Los Angeles in the Corolla Hybrid, Penelope and America chatted with two entrepreneurs and gave them tips on how to pursue their ideas in the latest installment of The Accelerators.

Check out the video above.