Young Ultra is the Mexico City Clothing Line You Need to Cop This Weekend

Young Ultra lookbook, photo courtesy of brand.

In the era of fast fashion – where global mega-brands are routinely accused of stealing indie artists’ work, producing their clothing in sweat shops, and causing environmental damage – more and more young consumers are looking to indie e-commerce brands to support. If what you wear is a reflection of the persona you want to the world to see, it’s also a reflection of your political values.

That’s the ethos that motivates the creators behind independent Mexico City-based line Young Ultra. “We don’t just want Young Ultra to be a product to be consumed; we want it to convey something more, something that lasts far longer than the frenetic cycle of consumption,” they explain. “That’s why we produce in limited quantities and with a simple premise: if you like it, and it represents you, then it’s yours.”

Launched just a year ago by content art director Zai Nájera; Yomy, a cultural promoter, DJ and producer; and Boncker, a designer and art director who acts as the brand’s creative director, Young Ultra’s goal is to “amplify all the incredible things happening in youth culture.”

They’ve already put out a few limited releases of graphic tees, long sleeves and sweatshirts – including some items featured in our holiday gift guide last year. And now, they’ll be launching a pop-up shop in Mexico City on Saturday, September 2nd in the city’s Centro Histórico.

The shop will feature a limited release of basics; tees, crewnecks and shorts in neutral colors that juxtapose pop culture references with simple executions. There will also be a collaboration with Mexican illustrator Max Ammo. Check out details on the drop in the lookbook below, released exclusively on Remezcla, and check back for pieces online a few days after the pop-up.