‘Camino a Marte’ Director Beto Hinojosa Teaches Us How to Rig a Car for a Movie Scene

Mexican director Beto Hinojosa knows a thing or two about how to shoot car scenes. After all, his sci-fi rom-com Camino a Marte is centered on a road trip. In it, two friends – played by Camila Sodi and Tessa Ia – are driving to Baja when they meet a guy who claims to be from a different planet. While the movie’s subject matter takes plenty of strange turns, the shooting style has a natural vibe that makes it feel like a documentary, with plenty of shots showing both actresses inhabiting their BFF roles as they drive.

That’s why Hinojosa was the perfect person to team up with Toyota Camry Hybrid to teach some tips & tricks for how to rig a car for different types of movie scenes. Check out the video above!

Production Credits:
Director: Rodrigo Olivar
DP: Bennet Cerf
Creative Director: Morris Dávila
Producer: Rafael Urbina
Editor: Simon Toro