In This Week’s Hilarious Episode, ‘Jane the Virgin’ Turned into ‘Jane the Horndog’

'Jane the Virgin,' Photo by Tyler Golden/The CW

Jane the Virgin Recap: Season 3, Episode 16 “Chapter 60”

Jane the Virgin fans have been frustrated. Frustrated with the show’s lack of contextualizing in the wake of Michael’s death, and just sick of the show’s awkward fumbling in the dark. So, what better way to quell those frustrations with a little sex? “Chapter 60” got back to basics. Jane returned to the fun and frisky young woman she once was, and reminded us about what the show is all about: a young woman navigating sex and life that made for one of the best episodes in a season that’s been lackluster. This week I’m joined again by Pili Valdes, Remezcla contributor NALIP Latino Lens TV Drama Incubator Finalist, Fox Writers’ Lab Finalist for 2017 and actor. Note, Pili hasn’t watched an episode since the death of her beloved Michael, making for some fun conversation!

‘Jane the Virgin,’ Courtesy of The CW
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Kristen: Little Jane is all of us, confused by a set of abs while surrounded by her family. We’re getting a lot of female gaze going here with Jane and Fabian. Now that Jane’s “Jane the Horndog” this gives us something new.

Pili: I.MISS.MICHAEL. This conversation is hard for me.

Kristen: Though three years in Jane time has passed, the series has only had about two months between Michael’s death and now. Is it right, from an audience perspective, for Jane to want some casual sex? And, pardon the indelicacy, this is literally the first time Jane’s been horny in three years?

Pili: It’s hard for me to see her move on so fast but, remember I haven’t watched since he died. I mean she’s so entertaining and relatable that I want her to be happy and if that means boning a superficial dude, then go for it. I think I’d more or less into it if it was a Rafael storyline.

Kristen: What’s interesting is Jane has spent two seasons getting to know both men as people. This is the first time Jane’s been interested in a guy purely for his sexual attractiveness. It’s why I don’t think Raf would work because she knows him as a person, which is weird to say about a female since it’s rare. Compared to Michael, Jane’s going for a dude who’s the total opposite of him AND Raf. Even when she was writing Michael saucy emails and making out, this feels different somehow?

Pili: It makes sense that Michael was all heart and brains and this guy, well it’s safe for her not to develop feelings. She’s not a virgin anymore. We need a scene where we see her deal with the emotions of experiencing sexual intimacy with someone other than Michael.

Kristen: That’s why I ask, she hasn’t been horny in 3 years? Hell, there could be a whole episode of Jane looking at vibrators and bawling.

Pili: Ha! Jane The Masturbator!

Kristen: [In Jane’s fantasies of Fabian] I love how the show’s taking the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model route with water and reclaiming it for the ladies. And Alba’s coming to the realization that most people don’t ascribe to the whole “sex before marriage” thing. Before she was isolated and it looked out of touch. Now she’s seeing maybe it IS out of touch.

Pili: I want Alba to get some.

Kristen: Shout-out to Marlene’s book “Re-Vulva: Locked and Loaded!” That should be the title of the episode! I love how Fabian sees Jane as successful and gets hot for her. The reminder that powerful women who know themselves are sexy!

‘Jane the Virgin,’ Courtesy of the CW
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Pili: [About Alba and Jorge’s relationship] Este viejito es adorable. Be still my beating heart.

Kristen: They’re talking about how sex doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker. And since they’re both older people they know about the benefits of time. Next week we learn Fabian is a virgin! The shoe’s on the other foot for Jane.

Pili: Nicely done, Jane writers!

Kristen: I don’t see Fabian being Jane’s next love, but I’m eager to see them develop how virginity changes with gender. By returning to the show’s roots of sex and lust this was a real return to form.

Pili: Agreed [though] I don’t know if I’ll watch [further]. It’s the sex/lust thing coupled with the fact that the other characters really haven’t changed that much.

Kristen: We even got some subtle sexual connections: Rafael and Petra have this cutesy tug between them; Luisa has to decide if Rose is worth abandoning her family again.