Toyota Camry Hybrid and Director Marcelo Tobar Team Up to Show You How to Shoot Car Scenes Using a Cell Phone

Director Marcelo Tobar.

For many aspiring directors with micro budgets, shooting a movie on a cell phone is not so much a choice as a necessity. But for Mexican filmmaker Marcelo Tobar, it was a deliberate and exciting challenge. His 2017 feature Oso Polar was shot entirely on an iPhone, and it took home the Morelia Film Festival’s award for Best Mexican Film that year.

Given his expertise, we teamed up with Tobar to teach the next generation of Latino filmmakers tips & tricks for how they can leverage their cell phones to shoot professional looking scenes in a Toyota Camry Hybrid. Check out the video above.


Production Credits:
Director: Rodrigo Olivar
DP: Bennet Cerf
Creative Director: Morris Dávila
Producer: Rafael Urbina
Editor: Simon Toro