Vision 2020: Anthony Ramos Talks About the Current Issues Influencing His Voting Decisions

Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.

“Let’s play the game and not let the game play us.” It’s a sentiment Puerto Rican actor, singer, and songwriter Anthony Ramos has been delivering on his social media platforms for the last few weeks, in hopes that he can encourage as many people as possible to vote this presidential election. Ramos, who starred in the hit Broadway play Hamilton in 2015, has since landed roles in a number of film projects in the last few years, including his breakout role as Lady Gaga’s friend in the 2017 Oscar-winning musical A Star is Born. He reprised his roles as John Laurens and Philip Hamilton for the film version of the Hamilton stage play for Disney+ this year, and will star as coffee store owner Usnavi de la Vega in next year’s highly anticipated film adaptation of the Broadway musical In the Heights. Until then, be sure to keep up with Ramos through the election as he pushes for big changes to the current administration. As his character John Laurens sings in Hamilton, “To the revolution!”

Are you voting this year? If so, why?
I am. Voting is how we let our government officials know what we feel about them and their policies. It is apart of the process of how we create change in places where needed and how we aim to preserve the things that we feel work for us as a whole people.

Describe this election in three words.
Complex, poignant, [and] important.

What would you say to the Latino community to vote in this general election (for the next president and down the ballot)?
Think about what this administration has or hasn’t done for OUR community. Is it enough? Ask yourself that when going to the ballot box or mailing in to vote? Have they worked to make this country a safer and more equal opportunity place for you and your family? Do I feel like this administration has worked to give me and my family the greatest chance to thrive in what we call the greatest country in the world?

If you feel comfortable, tell us–who do you endorse for President of the United States this year? Who do you hope folks who are reading this vote for and why?
I endorse Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. I believe with Joe’s experience and Kamala’s progressive mentality, they will create a balance and healthy discourse in the White House that will lead to incredible policies that will be in the best interest for ALL the American people.

What are the top two issues you’re currently concerned about and how does that influence how you’re voting this year?
Healthcare as well as the social justice system. I believe that our justice system should be balanced and that our country has everything it needs to provide affordable healthcare to most if not ALL. I believe Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are committed to figuring out how to do both of these things in a fair and open way along with the Republican party–in a DEMOCRATIC way.