A Guide to Raymondstock Jr, Mexico’s Newest Indie Festival

OK, you clicked on this article over that post about Nicki Minaj’s new sitcom, or that one about the pope kissing babies, or that one about Peña Nieto saying more dumb shit. You chose this post, so I assume your thirst for knowledge about indie festivals in Mexico is such that it can only be satiated with a lengthy, in-depth FAQ about the latest and greatest one on the scene: Raymondstock Jr. Yes, we’ve got you covered.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, watch this video here, which should cover at least the basics. It’s OK, I’ll wait here while you do.

Raymondstock JrTE GARANTIZAMOS PURA DIVERIÓN (y) 😉 ADQUIERE TUS BOLETOS EN La Roma Records y .DESTRUCTIBLE. $200 PREVENTA Y $300 2 Y 3 DE OCTUBRECon la participación de:Ramón Jaramillo Paulina UpalíaAndrea NoelMelissa Lunar Sharon LunchCarlos SolaresPaco MendezXenia Amaranta CarreónRemi VolChardey ColinCámara:Remi Vol Edición: Remi Vol Rodrigo Hernández. Sonido: Sharon Aiza. Carlos Solares. Música: Ramón Jaramillo y Gabo Barranco. Chiluca: El Shirota. PXXR GVNG – PXXRIN – Gabo edit.❤ Gracias a Centro ADM por prestarnos sus instalaciones ❤

Posted by Raymondstock on Wednesday, September 23, 2015

What’s Raymondstock Jr?
That’s the first thing they covered in the video. Didn’t you watch anything?

Seriously. OK, so Raymondstock Jr is a Mexican music festival that caters to the needs and wants of misunderstood millennials (That’s you!). It was started by former DDA-frontman Raymond Jaramillo (aka Ramoncito) as a showcase for his friends’ bands and projects and has since kept a staunch DIY ethic. This year’s edition – its third – takes place on October 3 at the Foro Indie Rocks in Mexico City.

You mean it’s not a pop group?
What? No. I just said it was a music festival.

Then who are those people on the flyer?
Hm, good question. Not entirely sure, but some are friends and members of various bands, I suppose. Hey wait, we were talking about Raymondstock’s staunch DIY ethic!

Oh that’s right.
So as I was saying, the festival is now in its third iteration. It actually began as Raymondstock, an over-bloated tocada, which took place inside an old abandoned schoolhouse in the heart of Colonia Roma, and hosted a juicy lineup with the likes of Grooms, Ritualz, No Somos Marineros, Matilda Manzana, DJ Smurphy, Los Blenders, O Tortuga, and a bunch more that I’m too lazy to type out.

So what’s with the “Jr” suffix?
Well, this year’s lineup will be considerably smaller as compared to the last two editions, but no less awesome!

Who’s playing?
Ah, I’m glad you asked, even though you could have seen it on the flyer. This year’s lineup includes LAO, Jamez Manuel, Alias Gig, Aurora Halal, Ital, and fucking PXXR GVNG!

I don’t know who that is.
Are you really going to make me do everything? Fine. So if you’re that one fool-on-the-hill hipster with absolutely no clue –

Yeah that’s me. I have no clue. Who should I see?
Jesus, I was getting to that. So if you’re that one fool-on-the-hill hipster with absolutely no idea of who to catch on the bill, some highlights are:

LAO: Lauded forward-thinking producer from Mexico City who also forms an integral part of NAAFI. You know, the collective that’s making the rounds all over the Internet-cum-globe and just landed a residency on Beats 1? He also made the cut at last year’s RBMA.

PXXR GVNG: Probably the biggest sensation in Castilian rap in a minute. Seriously, if the names PXXR GVNG, Yung Beef, or La Mafia del Amor ring absolutely zero bells for you, then I really can’t help you much. But you’d do well by starting with their latest, most awesome album Los Pobres. While you’re at it, also check out:

Jamez Manuel: Jamez Manuel is a member of Chilean hip-hop collective Zonora Point. As a solo act, he is responsible for one of the most stellar releases in NAAFI’s already impressive discography. It’s a great place to start.

No Somos Marineros: Math rock. Emo. Hardcore. Doesn’t matter what you call it, you’re still going to end up partially deaf after seeing them play live. And mute, given all the screaming going on. Probably with a couple of bruises as well, given all the moshing and stuff. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Ital: You may remember this guy from his excellent collaborations with LA Vampires on Not Not Fun Records and 100% Silk. Turns out he has a bunch of other cool shit on Planet Mu. You should probably look into those too.

I’ll leave the rest of the lineup for your Internet-savvy self to check out. Do you have any other questions?

Yeah, where can I get tickets?
Ah, finally a pertinent question. You can find tickets here.

They are $200 pesos at pre-sale and $300 day of (roughly $11 and $17 USD, respectively – a total steal).