We Talked To Ally Brooke About Her Favorite Soundtracks of All Time

Photo Credit: Vitamin A Films, CDW Films.

If Ally Brooke could do everything and anything, she would. Frankly, she already is: Reaching multi-platinum success in Fifth Harmony, embarking on a solo career via Atlantic Records to publishing Finding Your Harmony, and most notably, landing her movie debut with High Expectations, premiering April 7. The list is full.

Brooke, the Mexican-American pop princess, is exceeding new heights with High Expectations, a drama enacting a young soccer player’s passion toward victory at all levels, even with striking family rejection. Of course, Brooke’s starring role as Sofia will feature her helping Jack Davis, played by Taylor Gray, on his path to self-discovery. The singer stars alongside Kelsey Grammar and Briana Scurry, a U.S. women’s 1999 World Cup champion.

Coincidentally, Brooke finds the essence of Sofia and herself fused, driving the film into a more emotionally driven space and one she never intended to feel. Now, she uses her multi-faceted fuel like never before, using her role and voice on the High Expectations soundtrack to begin a new branch of work that is equally momentous and delicate.

Excitingly, Remezcla chatted with Brooke about her favorite soundtracks throughout the years. Ones that embodied into her own while embarking on the journey for High Expectations. Brooke’s appetite for pulling emotion and the hopes of empowering others is more apparent than ever, and fortunately for us, she’s spoon-feeding the recipe to her influence. 

I know you have a tremendous love for film soundtracks, so how has that transcended into your own work, especially with High Expectations? 

It really helped get me in a frame of mind when it came to becoming the character. Sometimes I would hear it before I filmed, which helped me become Sofia. 

Can you tell me a bit about your favorite soundtracks and why they stick out to you the most? 

Everything from My Best Friend’s Wedding to Indiana Jones to Wonder Woman. Those films get me in such an inspirational place and make me feel things that I normally can’t. Each of these movies are meaningful and precious. I’ve always loved that.

You have a few classics on your list, and I’m curious why they made it on there. Are there moments in these films that spark emotion for you just through the soundtrack? 

With my Best Friends Wedding, it just evokes so many emotions. With High Expectations, it unfolds in the same manner where you just feel different things at certain points. It’s beautiful, funny, and emotional all at once, and just hits me in a sweet place. For Indiana Jones, it just fully takes you over no matter when you listen to it. When you listen to it, it’s like nothing else. The same thing could be said for my other favorite, Wonder Woman. Through the score, what she represents with light and love is so deeply moving. Like I’ll listen to it and go to such a realm. That one truly takes over the emotions. 

At what points do you find yourself listening to those soundtracks? 

Usually, when I’m getting ready for something or when I’m feeling a lot of emotion. 

Do you find yourself listening to a particular one during a point where healing or emotions arise in your life?

Definitely. It’s Wonder Woman. That soundtrack has affected me since I heard it and saw the film. I listen to it at different times, whether I am in a happy state, having a great time, or even if I’m trying to heal from something. So it’s kind of a soundtrack that helps me with any emotion. 

What’s your hope that fans take away from the High Expectations soundtrack, especially the songs that feature Sofia?

That fans are moved by it. That people love it that they know that there is so much more for you. So I want people to really experience it and leave anyone with an uplifting feeling. Because in the end, that’s what the whole thing is about. 

High Expectations is out on April 7, and you can already purchase tickets. In the meantime, check out the music video for Ally Brooke’s soundtrack for the film below.