Alvaro Díaz: Essential Facts / Essential Tracks

A lot has happened for boricua rapper Alvaro Díaz since we first dropped in on him in our 2014 feature Trilligan’s Island. He’s since opened for Calle 13, gotten a track on the radio, and is now in Austin for his first SXSW. Catch up on what he’s been up to in our Essential Facts/Essential Tracks series, featuring the artists we’ll be covering this SXSW 2015.


Known as: Rapper, but doubles as a singer when necessary aka on his own hooks.

Background: Puerto Rico.

Sounds like: Díaz’s catalog sounds a lot like what is currently at the top of every station’s playlist, but performed completely in Spanish. There’s a radio-friendly sound (a little bit of Drake, a little bit of Tyga) on some tracks. Then, it switches completely to a Trap-infused beat with chopped-and-screwed samples (think Migos or early A$AP Rocky) thanks to production from Young Martino, Caleb Calloway and Kyoshi Reyes. The sound is definitely one that derives from the mainland.

Why you should see his showcase: Since his compilation album, Hato Rey, is the latest project he’s pushed out, it will serve as a good introduction for those who have yet to be acquainted to Díaz’s music. Whether you’re bilingual or just a fan of good music, the lyricist has a playlist sonically fit to rock the SXSW stage. Expect to see arms swaying back and forth and a consistent head nod from concertgoers while one of the best Puerto Rican emcees spits on the mic for the Austin crowd.

Mega-Bono Fact: From an island where reggaeton is currently ruling the radio, Díaz managed to wiggle in his contemporary hip-hop sound with his latest single “Mañana” into the mainstream airwaves.



Wednesday, March 18
9:10PM – 9:35PM
Half Step