Ambar Lucid

Ambar Lucid Embraces New Alter Ego Ahead of First U.S. Headliner Tour

Photo by Clyde Munroe.

Mercury is in retrograde, but Ambar Lucid isn’t worried. The Capricorn sun, Cancer rising, and Aries moon artist lets go and embraces the chaos. She takes a similar approach to her upcoming headliner tour kicking off on June 4. Ambar is determined to get by in one piece after a challenging road trip that made her question her need to exist in a moving vehicle. 

Before moving to Los Angeles in April, Ambar embarked on a road trip from Colorado to Los Angeles, which turned out to be surprisingly stressful. “It was very bold of me to drive from Colorado to California. I was super anxious the whole time,” Ambar shares with Remezcla over a Zoom call. “Driving was a lot. I definitely underestimated how difficult it was going to be,” she says with a laugh. Colorado was a pit stop. Despite renting a house and deciding to move to Fort Collins, Ambar realized she didn’t have any friends after leaving her hometown of New Jersey for a new state. It didn’t take long for the 21-year-old singer-songwriter to question her decision. “I was processing my move and was like, ‘Why did I come out here? I should have just gone to LA,’” she admits. 

This self-awareness from the “Get Lost in The Music” singer forces her to be intentional about what she wants her life on the road to look like. “The key to surviving tour and enjoying tour is taking care of myself,” Ambar says. She plans on sticking to therapy and leaning into self-care. She explains that one of the main reasons she got into therapy came from the emptiness she felt after achieving one of her biggest goals in life: a music career.  

“I was like, ‘Damn, I already have the one thing that I thought I was going to spend my whole life chasing after, and I don’t feel satisfied,’” Ambar says. “‘I need to do something about this because I know I can make music for the rest of my life if I really want to,’” she says. Ambar decided it was pivotal for her to figure out where the emptiness and dissatisfaction stemmed from. 

As a Capricorn sun, Ambar’s career-driven nature is ingrained and unavoidable. However, the Dominican-Mexican songstress acknowledges how important it is to find fulfillment in her personal life, too. Since starting therapy, she has embraced hobbies like tarot card reading and digital drawing, which she does in her free time. 

Ambar admits that she’s undergoing a lot of change in her career and personal life, but she knows that her fans are also growing and changing. There’s no hesitancy or worry when it comes to her music’s transformation. “Regardless of whatever style of music I release, my fans always seem to be very supportive, so it’s not something I really stress about. I know that my fan base supports my artistry regardless of the direction it goes in,” Ambar says. 

Her latest single, “Gurl, Ur So Pretty,” is already a fan favorite. Ambar teased the single on TikTok and other social media platforms for months, and fans were desperate to get their hands on it. “To me, it was really important to release this song as soon as possible because my fans wanted it,” explains Ambar. Thankfully, she was able to keep her promise and create a music video as well. She took inspiration from HBO’s hit show, Euphoria. Ambar says she’s a fan of it all. “I was obsessed. It was my main reference for everything,” she admits. You can see traces of this inspiration in the “Gurl, Ur So Pretty” music video, which takes place at a dreamy sunset house party overlooking Los Angeles. Much like Euphoria, the song encapsulates all the feelings and tension that take over when you have a new crush. 

“Estrella is stepping in to inspire and radiate new energy.”

If it seems like Ambar is having fun, it’s because she finally feels free. “From ages 10 to 17, my entire life was dedicated to watching my siblings,” she says with a laugh as she explains that she was their mom while her actual mother worked all day. “I would be so angry because I was 15 at the time and wanted to go out and hang out with my friends and be a regular teenager,” she says.  Now, the singer embraces having her life back. “I lost my teen years to having to roleplay as a mother,” Ambar says. With the ability to map out her own future, she is firm about her desire to become a better musician. Ahead of her Estrella tour, which will have 20 stops around the U.S., Ambar wants to evolve her artistry and take up guitar lessons once the tour is over. 

“I want to take singing lessons for as long as I live,” Ambar says. “I want to be one of the most legendary vocalists of my time,” she says. Of course, this takes training, but she’s aware and determined to train for the rest of her career. When asked to name other legendary vocalists, she quickly names Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish, and Rosalía. Ambar wants to become a “star,” aka “estrella” in Spanish. She considers the new name both an alter ego and a new persona as she enters this new phase of her life.

“Estrella is stepping in to inspire and radiate new energy,” she says. This year, the singer wants to own her existence and be confident in her artistry. “I feel like in the past, there was a lot of energetic gunk. It was my insecurities and self-doubt. I’ve pushed a lot of that energy away, and now I’m ready to interact with my fan base and exchange energy that is more me. Less fear-based, more confident, and I’m having more fun with what I do.”