beGun: Essential Facts / Essential Tracks

Photo: Itzel Alejandra Martinez

We’ve never met a beGun track we didn’t like. The Barcelona producer will be bringing his geographically-coded music to Austin this week for SXSW, and we’ve got all the info you need to know before you go.


Known as: Gunsal Moreno, an electronic producer and Subterfuge Records artist whose mission is to inject real emotions into the typically cold dance floor genres.

Background: Straight outta Barcelona, but he travels around the world in each and every one of his song titles.

Sounds like: A peculiar amalgam between sun-kissed Balearic sounds, ambient pads, hip hop elements, R&B samples, and delicate IDM references. It’s all carefully arranged to make you both dance and feel.

Why You Should See his Showcase: beGun’s sets haunt from the beginning, and they gradually go up and up and up, eventually taking you to a high-BPM frenzy. He mixes his own songs with a good dose of house, pop acappellas, and R&B sounds, placing the experience somewhere between a live act and a DJ set. Gunsal has yet to release his debut album, but his incessant touring around the world has helped him tighten up his shows, and it’s your opportunity to see this, put your hands in the air and let go.

Mega-Bono Fact: In 2013 he was part of the Red Bull Music Academy’s Bass Camp, along with fellow producers BFlecha, Niño, C. Tangana, and more. He’s performed the hard task of touring Latin America, having released only some singles and a couple of EPs, so far.



Wednesday, March 18
1:00AM – 1:40AM

Friday, March 20
1:00AM – 1:40AM