Go Behind the Scenes With Jack Daniel’s & De la Ghetto as They Make a Street Anthem for Houston

As part of their special New Calle project, Jack Daniel’s launched a contest to choose an artist that represents the Latine community of a determined city in the United States. Five contestants were in the running and the winner has been picked. In representation of the city of Houston, Doeman Dyna has emerged triumphant. In addition to Doeman, a voting fan was chosen as the winner, and given iconic access and Executive Producer credits for New Calle. Claiming the prize, Dyna stepped into the studio with none other than reggaeton great De La Ghetto to record an anthem that reflects what it means to be proud of where you come from. In this video, we take you behind the scenes of the recording of this track.


Doeman Dyna is a Mexican American rapper who has made a name for himself around Houston by making hip-hop with a Texan bent and a lot of swagger. Among Doeman’s fans who voted to secure him the win was Sarah “Yaya” Yazdanpanah, a Houston-based Iranian-Mexican blogger who has been amplifying the voices of rap and urbano talent in the city. Both Yaya and Doeman are deeply touched by their relationship with their city, something that can be equated to how Tennessee is deeply connected with Jack Daniels. “He’s really everything Houston, he’s really Southeast,” Yaya explains about her vote. “He connects with his neighborhood. He represents Latinos [and] the culture.”

As part of the sweepstake, Dyna has joined forces with De La Ghetto to write a song and record it at Barron Studios. The track reflects originality and respect for the streets that saw them build their talents. In this behind-the-scenes video, we see the two artists lay down their vocals for the track and explain what the song and New Calle are all about. Yazdanpanah documents her experience in the studio with unprecedented access via videos and photos that give the viewers a fresh and up-close experience.

Doeman describes himself as “just a person trying to make an impact in the world in a positive way.” Later on, Dyna tells us about his beginnings as a boxer and the accident that changed his life forever. While music had always been important to him—he talks about selling tapes and CDs of his joints in high school—the accident allowed him to take his artistic dreams more seriously, a new avenue for his passion. For his part, De La Ghetto praises Dyna as a rapper that can make big moves in the hip-hop game in the USA due to his talent.

This is a story about passion and authenticity. It’s about staying true and not being afraid of pursuing your dreams.