Best in Music 2020

Art by Alan López for Remezcla

Music is a particularly nourishing part of our lives every year, but this year, it was especially necessary. Many of us reverted back to old listening habits, revisiting classics that make us feel at home in our own bodies at a time when nearly nothing else made sense. On the flip side, there were artists who really tapped into themselves and the current time to present some of their best work yet, making it impossible to ignore. Artists like Helado Negro and Lido Pimienta helped us escape while others like Bad Bunny and Tokischa helped us move and remind us who the f*ck we really are.

From blissful, go-to slow-burns to movement-inducing electro & dance jawns to fanged indie-pop offerings that made us think as we grooved, there really was a wealth of great music to parse through this year. We want to take a moment to extend our appreciation to the music creatives who took the time to create despite it all. Y’all are the real MVPs.

In the end, our music writers voted and we ended up with a lovely list of 60 excellent tracks. You can listen to them all here, and read about them in their respective categories below:

2020’s Top 10 Slow-Burn Tracks

2020’s Top 10 Indie Pop Tracks

2020’s Top 10 Psych & Punk Tracks

2020’s Top 10 Post-Regional Tracks

2020’s Top 10 Electro & Dance Tracks

2020’s Top 10 Turn Up Tracks

Thank you for reading and listening with us this year. See you soon.