20 Dark and Wicked Songs to Unleash Your Inner Bruja

October is here, and so the witching hour is upon us yet again. While we might buy a wicker broom for our costume on the 31st, brujería has a place far beyond the confines of Halloween season. The movement to reconnect with brujería traditions – and reclaim an identity that was long stigmatized – has been steadily gaining momentum, with a surge in the online conversation around santería and other witchcraft practices.

But being a bruja isn’t just about Santa Muerte candles or black-brimmed hats. It’s an ode to the divine feminine and religious practices that have their roots in ancestral Afro-Latino and indigenous cultures. We can see this reflected in pop culture too, the best examples being Beyoncé’s use of Yoruba traditions and imagery in Lemonade and the all-girl Bronx skate crew Brujas.

To get you geared up for your upcoming séance, we’ve curated a brujería playlist featuring dark and wicked beats. Included are haunting Yoruba prayers like Ibeyi’s “Oya,” Carolina Camacho’s running drum beat in “Los Tambores, Kali Mutsa’s spiritual synth paradise in “Interestellar,” and the smooth echoing chants in ÌFÉ’s “3 Mujeres.” Light up those candles and bump this playlist all month long.

Playlist curated by Carolina Dalia Gonzalez and Music Editor Isabelia Herrera.