Watch Buscabulla Roam the Streets of NYC & Explore Their Boricua Roots

We’ve teamed up with Hennessy V.S to bring you The Refresh, a new series that highlights Latinx artists who are reinterpreting their roots and incorporating tradition into their work in a refreshing way. In the third installment, we decided to profile Brooklyn Boricuas Buscabulla.

Apart from sharing love and a baby together, Raquel Berríos and Luis Alfredo Del Valle share a passion for music. Their verdant synth pop, which boasts hints of psychedelia and funk, has already earned them well-deserved praise in Latinx scenes across the world, and especially in New York City, where they’ve been living and hustling for years. The city puts their work ethic to the test and triggers a connection with the music they grew up with. But instead of representing that tradition in their own sound literally or embracing nostalgia, they capture an abstract, timeless spirit reminiscent of the Puerto Rican old school. The result is an almost mystical reference to those musical roots.

Their latest single, “Tártaro,” is probably the finest example of that spirit. In this sonic love letter to salsa icon Frankie Ruiz, the duo distills the essence of the salsa érotica era and infuses it with dreamy synths and funky bass lines. Hearing the congas, timbales, and even the lyrics, you know there’s salsa in there, but you can’t quite put your finger it.

Roam the streets of New York with Buscabulla, and learn more about their story above.