Chingo Bling: Essential Facts / Essential Tracks

Cultura Dura is a Remezcla and Mike’s HARDER content and event series highlighting emerging Latin urban culture. We’ll be exploring scenes that haven’t really gotten any coverage anywhere else – from block parties and street art to underground sports and raw, young artists making movements pa’ la calle.

Essential Facts

Known as: Chingo Bling, aka Pedro Herrera III,  flips hip hop, tribal, and more with an irreverent, unmistakable Tex-Mex sense of humor. A champion of the entrepreneurial spirit of hip hop hustling (self-dubbed the “Latin Russell Simmons”), Chingo’s built his brand into sales for t-shirts, hot sauce, tamales, bobble-head dolls, records, and more.

Background: Houston-based, Mexican-raíces.

Sounds like: Perhaps the least dogmatic of the hip hop crop– in the best way possible. Chingo has found his place in the music game by having an eye out for the trending instrumentals of the moment, and knowing just when to release his lighthearted, playful take on the beat (see: the merging of many worlds when he rapped over the “No Flex Zone” beat in “Kon Fleis Zone,” a Floyd Mayweather diss).

Why he’s a Cultura Dura guest artist of honor: Chingo’s audacious performance style is sure to get the party going, and even better when he shows up with his taco truck in tow, which he used to promote his 2007 national debut, They Can’t Deport Us All.

Mega-Bono Fact: Follow his Instagram (@cancunshawty) for infinite days of happiness.

Essential Tracks