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Arriving At The Scene, Watch Esty Perform Three of her Forthcoming Bangers

Photo by Carlos Jaramillo
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Every car ride is made better with the right playlist. Taking this concept to the next level, Esty and Lexus join forces to present a memorable performance video. 

Esty is one of the most authentic emerging artists at the moment. The Dominican-American’s earliest days in the music industry found her on a path to superstardom. Yet, she decided to walk away from it since it required her to hand her life and creative expression to others. She then spent the next few years healing herself by putting her well-being to the fore while also taking up roller skating. She later emerged as a new type of singer, representing a style that features a mix of dembow, pop, alternative rock, trap, and more. This reintroduction blew up with “7Heaven” and followed it with a slew of singles leading to her forthcoming EP, Estyland. In the video, we see her perform three songs from this effort.

On the video’s opening shots, we watch as Esty emerges from the all-new Lexus NX, roller skates at the ready. She gets to a microphone stand with the beach as her background; she looks confident in her element. Like her music, nature, and good vibes mashup well with the modern setting of the all-new Lexus NX, bringing together two worlds for something marvelous.

Esty opens her performance with “i4goturbirthday,” a standout track from Estyland. The song is melancholic, singing in a soft voice before a heavy beat drops and her delivery gains momentum. Esty has described “i4goturbirthday” as “a letter to myself.” It’s a reminder that even if she’s not 100% present in people’s lives, she’s not doing it out of lack of love but because she’s committed to a greater purpose; the music she’s spending most of her time creating aims to uplift others. Her performance at this stage of the video is intimate and connects with viewers uniquely.

She then segues into “CHIBI,” switching effortlessly to party mode. A product of her collaboration with Dominican producer Mediopicky, the tracks pair up dembow with sounds found on anime, making it an instantly fun and memorable song. Here, we see Esty rolling around the parking space and dancing, enjoying herself as she moves and skates to the turnt-up music. “CHIBI” is such an inspired track that she has said it’s the beginning of a new genre. 

Esty takes a breath without letting the energy drop as she performs the last track from the back of the all-new Lexus NX. It’s here where she unveils “Pegao!!!,” another striking uptempo song that features a hint of introspection, not unlike “i4goturbirthday.” We find the singer getting personal again, bringing us closer while the tempo insists we keep moving. “Pegao!!!” is an important song for Esty, as it talks about gatekeeping in the music industry. As she shouts on the intro: “Oye portero / Abre la puerta,” this is her way of reclaiming her place in the scene, making it clear it’s always going to be her show. As the last notes drift off, she thanks us for watching the video.

As mentioned, all the songs are part of Estyland, the singer’s next discographic achievement. The title refers to her imaginary dream world, a safe space where everything is sweet as candy and fun like a Saturday morning cartoon. This is Esty’s way to invite us to leave our troubles at the door and allow ourselves to have some time for ourselves.

As this performance video demonstrates, Esty is positioning herself at the forefront of the future of Latine music, a pop singer who’s ready to express herself on her own terms.