Attended at Festival Axe Ceremonia 2024 in Mexico City

Festival Axe Ceremonia 2024 Showcases Unique Style & Cultural Presence

Photo by Gustavo Martinez for Remezcla

We attended Festival Axe Ceremonia 2024 last weekend in Mexico City to get up close and personal with the attendees’ expressions, and from the moment we arrived, it was clear that people felt incredibly liberated in their choice of attire. In the words of emerging photographers Valente Nájera and Gus Martinez: “Their style choices were heavily influenced by the aesthetics of the artists they were there to see.” You could easily spot the fans of Arca, Kendrick Lamar, Bad Gyal, and El Bogueto based on the shared aesthetic they sported, all while maintaining their individual identities. It was also inspiring to witness numerous pieces from Mexican brands asserting their presence and making a resounding statement within these looks.

Fashion aside, the music festival boasted an eclectic lineup, with each stage serving as a unique gathering spot for different groups of fans who eventually converged at the main stages for the headliners, creating a landscape of diverse identities.

Here’s a glimpse of the fashion scene we captured at Festival Axe Ceremonia: