Filipina Reggaeton Artist K-Rizz: Essential Facts/Essential Tracks

Ed Note: This year for Hispanic Heritage month, we wanted to do something different: to celebrate the faces, stories, and histories that rarely get put in the spotlight. Let’s honor all people that have Hispanic heritage not just the obvious ones. One of the largest groups that gets ignored are our Filipino brothers and sisters. As a colony of Spain for just as many years as Mexico, the Philippine Islands have just as much Hispanic cultural influences as any other Latin American country. From history, to language, to food, Filipinos are much closer to Latinos than you might realize. You can check out all the reasons Latinos and Filipinos are primos here. And below, get to know our prima K Rizz.

Essential Facts

Known as: K Rizz is a filipina princesa who’s been running shit in NYC for some time; recording new music, storming runways, cameo-ing in music videos, acting as hype-woman for her friend Princess Nokia, and being a diva. She’s also gotten lots of love in NYC’s underground scene, appearing in DIS Magazine’s takeover of Dazed Digital, the Telfar Global SS’15 show at this past NYFW, and in music videos like the latest from Junglepussy.

Background: Born and raised in NYC, first generation Pinoy.

Sounds like: K Rizz’s music has been making rounds in the DJ circuit for its unique take on reggaeton, pop, and house. She coined the term #SalbaheSeason this year from her breakout track ‘Salbahe,’ a reggaeton track that is sung entirely in Tagalog (Filipino). Fun fact: Salbahe in Tagalog means “bad,” or “wild,” and comes from the Spanish word “salvaje” — which is why if you just listen without seeing the spelling it’s easy to think for just a moment that she’s singing in Spanish.

Essential Tracks