First Listen: Kat Dahlia Drops Post-Breakup, Glow-up Track ‘Facil’

Miami-born singer-songwriter and rapper, Kat Dahlia, is not here to croon over a broken heart. She’s here to show how easy it can be to bounce back from a breakup with her new single “Facil.”

The Cuban-American incorporates pop and R&B influences into the track, while also drawing influences from her roots.

“It plays up the character of this girl who’s just killin’ it after her breakup. It’s like the glow-up after the breakup,” Dahlia said in a press release. The bilingual-track alludes to the fear of getting over the breakup and being alone more than actually breaking up. The single also serves as the third of a four-part series leading up to her upcoming album,‘​SeVeN,’ due October 23rd​.

Channeling vintage infomercials that showed little empowerment for women, the video transitions from black and white to vibrant colors as Kat releases her sorrows. “Facil” sends a powerful message on the intersection of independence and sass, dismisses the traditional rut appearance and highlights how a break up can be the perfect opportunity to upgrade and let go of toxic habits.

First seen in the industry with tracks like “Gangsta” and “Crazy,” Dahlia’s new project solidifies a new phase: “The last seven years have been a crazy journey in terms of my career,” she explained. “It’s an interesting time in my life. This project feels like me.”

Here’s our exclusive premiere of “Facil”: