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Get Cooking With This Selection of Modernized Holiday Classics Playlist

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The kitchen is a sacred sanctuary for us. When it comes to family, few things bring us together like food, especially when cooking a homemade dinner. It’s the same in every family except for the little details that make it count: the elder members of the family taking control and teaching the younger generations how things are done and connecting through flavors and sazón to preserve traditions. It is here where holidays truly become magical and memorable times.

Music plays a very important part in this ritual. As with most family functions, before long someone takes control of the playlist and we get to enjoy seasonal classics and traditional songs that feel like they have raised us. Remezcla knows the importance of music, especially during holidays, which is why we gathered a playlist full of household tunes—both traditional and new classics—by some of modern Latine music’s most vital and forward-thinking musicians.

From Tito “El Bambino’”s unique year end reflection to Bratty’s lo-fi tearjerker to RBD’s take on a perennial navidad classic to Anitta’s dembow-infused ode to seasonal romance—not to mention surf, rock en español, and corrido versions of villancicos and holiday mainstays—there’s a little of everything in this playlist. This way, the spirit of the season remains alive for the older generations, while also bringing a fresh spin for the younger generations of the family to feel included, have a laugh, and sing along.

So grab a spoon and dance together with this playlist. Soon enough, everyone will be singing and dancing, cracking jokes, and working up an appetite.