Hangin’ Episode 4: Dënver

If you know anything about Chilean pop, you’re probably familiar with Dënver, a duo that consists of Mariana Montenegro and Milton Mahan. Their chamber pop and recent venture into europop territory are proof of their need to be constantly pushing the edges of what the genre can be.

In this edition of Hangin’, we walked and talked with Dënver during their stay in New York for Sólo Dame Indie Pop‘s showcase. At one point during their set at Rough Trade, Mahan admitted that he and Mariana used to be a couple, and that one day they thought, “Instead of making out, why don’t we make songs?” “And it was much better,” Montenegro added. Candid, quirky moments like this show Dënver’s endearing combination of tenderness and weirdness, and help reflect where they come from and where they are going.

They’re committed to their music and have learned (probably the hard way) that an eyes-on-the-prize attitude is the way to go, if you want a long and fulfilling musical career.

Watch them go pedal boating in Prospect Park, play with an echo in a tunnel, and talk about their future plans above.