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Ahead of His First Headlining U.S. Tour, Gera MX Is All About Keeping It Real

Photo by Armando Fragoza.

Gera MX is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in contemporary hip-hop in Mexico. He counts people like Christian Nodal as friends and collaborators, regularly places songs on the most listened charts in streaming services, and recently signed to Sony Music Mexico, one of the biggest labels in the country. While most artists would be happy with these achievements, coast on them, and flaunt them at any given chance, Gera MX is ready to take the next step. He’s about to embark on a U.S. tour that could catapult him to a higher level in the hallways of Mexican rap.

Gera is eager to face audiences in the U.S. as a headliner. Having already made a trek as Nodal’s opening act, this initial run served as a learning experience for him — it’s still a very exciting development in his career. “Since I was little, I dreamed of playing in the U.S,” the rapper tells Remezcla. “It’s exciting to hear about tickets selling on every date. It’s such a personal thing, traveling with my old friends with whom I started doing this.”

Gera doesn’t see himself as an island and thinks his upcoming tour is a sign of how much the genre he is part of has grown since the early days. “There’s a lot of colleagues in Mexican hip-hop who are growing exponentially in the U.S, touring and collaborating with other artists from both countries. Being part of this wave feels like being a key unlocking a door to other stages,” he says.

“Mexican hip-hop has gained a lot of respect and popularity,” Gera continues. “You have artists who are getting more popular in the U.S, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Spain, and many other places. I think it’s great for the culture. I think it’s a great era. I don’t know if it’s the Golden Age, but it’s a good time.”

Recently, he has experienced some of these rewards by reaching milestones such as winning a Latin AMA for his Nodal duet “Botella Tras Botella,” an honor he cherishes a lot. “It was great seeing other faces,” Gera says. “I had never been on that kind of red carpet, so it was fun to see your own face in that context. I got a bit nostalgic for the old days with my first few albums that I would burn at an internet and then sell downtown. And now here I was, being handed an award, and a ton of people were clapping for me.” 

The win was a surprise for him. “We made [the song] in a single afternoon, just chilling. We recorded in a home studio, not a big one, and we put a lot of heart into it. We drank a bit, ate together, wrote the song, and then it went viral. It took us both by surprise, but when it’s destined for something great, even if you try, you can’t knock it.”

“Mexican hip-hop has gained a lot of respect and popularity. I don’t know if it’s the Golden Age, but it’s a good time.”

As for recently signing to Sony Music Mexico, Gera says it’s a very exciting development in his career at just the right time. “I have a great album that perhaps Rich Vagos couldn’t take as far,” Gera says of the move. “The negotiations went great, they treated me very well, and they made me feel at home. It’s the big leagues, where you have wanted to play since you were young. I’m still taking it in, but I’m very happy about it.”

This also means good news for Rich Vagos. “It’s my label,” Gera says. “It’s no secret that I’m Rich Vagos. It’s a project I’ve been building for the past 12 years where you can find all my friends. It’s still going strong, and it will have more funding and visibility.” 

All this success can get to even the most grounded person, but Gera feels it’s important to make an effort to keep it real — even when it comes naturally to him. “I’m still who I was when I started, I just work twice as hard now. I try to have my affairs in order so I don’t lose my grounding or my head. It’s easier to find me on a football field than in a club or something. I like walking around the block and being surrounded by the people that feed my soul rather than trying to stun or be flashy with my accomplishments — that’s not my style. That helps me remain who I am.”

It would be easy for Gera MX to get nostalgic about the past, measure the road he has traveled, and compare himself to his younger, more inexperienced self, but he’s not one to look back. “It’s kind of like counting money when you bet; it’s bad luck,” he says. “I try not to look at what I’m doing but rather what I’m about to do. Perhaps when I get to 30 or 31, I will slow down a bit and look back at what I have built.”

“Nowadays, I’m aware of what I have achieved so far, but I don’t slow down enough to relish in it. I want to keep moving ahead. If I keep making good music and working hard and selling out shows, maybe my name will be inscribed in gold in the history of Mexican rap. Not in terms of numbers or fame, but in terms of legacy. This is the dream I want to achieve. If I win, I don’t celebrate. If I lose, I won’t be defeated. That’s my mindset.”

Gera MX is participating in Live Nation’s annual Concert Week, offering $25 all-in tickets to more than 3,700 shows this year. The campaign ends on May 10.