INTERVIEW: Alejo Talks Camry Collab ‘Tiene Un No Sé Qué’ & Experimenting With New Sounds

Courtesy of Toyota

The sky’s the limit for Puerto Rican wunderkind Alejo. Only 20, Alejo recently released his sophomore album, En Esta Nos Fuimos Lejos, on which he’s not just writing and producing some songs but also experimenting with new sounds. But Alejo is doing even more. He’s also at the center of a new 2025 Camry social-driven collaboration, which has him feeling on top of the world.

For Camry’s “It’s a Vibe” campaign spotlighting the all-new, all-hybrid 2025 Camry, the car manufacturer tapped Alejo to perform an adaptation of “Tiene Un No Sé Qué.” The song, and accompanying video, features Alejo crooning about the Camry’s hybrid powertrain, enhanced safety features, and connected technology.

“The whole process was so cool and exciting, as were the song, the video, and the team involved,” he shares. “I’ve heard many people say it helped them see the car differently and that they now wanted to buy a Camry. That’s amazing!”

The song has become so infectious that fans are requesting for it be uploaded onto Spotify, alongside the singer’s full sophomore album. As for the music video-style car review, Alejo shares that it’s “something I hadn’t seen any artist do, and that’s what drew me to it when the team at Toyota told me the plan.” Alejo is seen very stylishly stepping into the new 2025 Camry and enjoying a drive around town.

“I’ve always loved entertainment, so I was sold from the beginning, and it turned out so good!”

The singer’s appreciation for the vehicle aside, Alejo’s immediate plans include a tour in Spain and riding the wave of success from En Esta Nos Fuimos Lejos, which introduces us to new and more mature sounds for the artist.

“For me, it is important to understand or at least revisit what I consider to be my influence [before] doing new things,” he says about experimenting with new soundscapes. “It’s a process where we must break barriers, which tend to be comfortable areas. We cannot create new things as usual or think about new things as we did in the past. We must go somewhere else and do it another way; find another dynamic.”

Of course, that doesn’t come without risk. “It’s very difficult to do something different and for people to accept it,” he continues. “In music, fans [have] got used to listening to this type of music of yours; it’s very difficult to do something different and have people like it.”

However, he did just that, and it’s worked–with his new album and his latest collaboration with Camry. Alejo is taking risks that are paying off“That is my goal at the end of the day: for people to understand that music can be different. If people like it, then we’re doing something good.”