What to Wear to Music Festivals in the Caribbean, According to 5 Dominicans

Photo by Hilda Pellerano for Remezcla

In the Dominican Republic, festival culture is blossoming. For seasoned partygoers, dressing casually and comfortably might come easy. But first timers might need a few tips – that’s why we asked five quisqueyanos to put together fly fits for Isle of Light, the indie and electronic festival set to take over Santo Domingo this Saturday.

We’d venture to say Dominicans are some of the best dressed people out, despite the it’s-so-hot-you-bathe-twice-a-day weather. Learn from the pros and keep this in mind as you select your looks.

Here are five capitaleños on their best festival looks.

Isle of Light hits Santo Domingo on Saturday, April 1. For more info and to purchase tickets, click hereAll photos by Hilda Pellerano for Remezcla.

Jeremy Garcia Geraldino, 19

What are you wearing?
I’m wearing a flannel with jeans that are comfortable and wide, and some sneakers because you’re going to walk a lot. And a green coat that I can remove and that’s waterproof, because my country’s [weather] is bipolar.

Why do you think these clothes are ideal for this festival?
Because this festival celebrates musical diversity, and so it should be represented in the clothes. If there are many different types of music, there has to be different combinations as well; our country is practical and creative.

Chuchi Garcia, 26

What are you wearing?
I’m wearing a black jumpsuit that’s sleeveless and short and a bikini top, and I’m wearing a – it’s like a kimono. A kind of beach bohemian kimono – lightweight, colorful, and tribal. I’m wearing some sneakers that are Inca brand. I think they are made in Peru; they are Converse-type but they are handwoven with many colors. I’m wearing a watch and some glasses that a friend of mine brings that are Deerwood brand, which are made of bamboo.

What’s your style?
I love the shorts and to be in short clothing. That’s why I chose the jumpsuit — I really like jumpsuits. It’s very basic, so I can complement it with the kimono and the sneakers, which are pretty flashy. I’m a balance between basics – between the modern and the slightly more bohemian, so to speak, and the handmade.

Why do you think that these clothes are ideal for this festival?
It’s lightweight, and for me it’s transformable. I can lower the jumpsuit a bit or remove the top completely and wear the bikini top and kimono down during the day, or zip the entire jumpsuit up. I can take off my kimono if I want and stay with the jumpsuit alone, put on my kimono and tie it around my waist or to my head, whatever I want. Versatile. I like to have several pieces for this type of event. And I’m comfortable with the sneakers, and I don’t have many accessories on, and I’m not wearing makeup. And sunglasses.

Juan Julio, 30

Why do you think these clothes are ideal for this festival?
I chose this outfit because it reminds me of the festivals in the 90s, where everyone wore band T-shirts, etc…that’s why you go to festivals – to see the bands. I put on some boots because you have to be prepared for cualquier vaina, and a shirt in case it gets cold.

Angelo Beato, 23

What are you wearing?
I chose this look because it’s like my signature. I always wear sweatshorts that are very comfortable, with an elastic band. Some white sneakers – I like them dirty (yes, I love that) and high dress socks. I use simple T-shirts, made of cotton, that aren’t too hot, and another shirt to protect me from any eventualidad.

Why do you think these clothes are ideal for this festival?
Because the festival is very hot, and with the shorts you have pockets, and you can store things there. If you put a shirt on top of the T-shirt, you also have a small pocket and you can use it.

Patricia Berroa, 30

What are you wearing?
I’m not really that into so much black, but there’s a little color in the sneakers. I really like hearts, and I also think it was a touch of color that’s not so obvious – a nice touch that would be fun for the day.

Why do you think these clothes are ideal for this festival?
I think this outfit is ideal because it’s cool, it’s comfortable, and it’s the ideal outfit to go to a concert where you have to sit on the floor, rest, dance, and have fun all day and night.