Celebrating Latin Indie Stalwarts: Two Nights With Jack Daniel’s House No. Siete

Two weeks ago, Jack Daniel’s hosted a musical affair celebrating Jack Daniel’s House No. Siete and some of Latin indie’s biggest stars. On Wednesday night, fans of iconic artists Mr. Pauer, La Mala Rodríguez, and Los Amigos Invisibles filled every corner of the room – a standard Brooklyn warehouse transformed into musical haven. Those who missed one night had the chance to soak in rock en español legends Toque Profundo and Kinky the following evening. The ambiance and décor paid homage to Lynchburg, Tennessee, the home of the company’s original distillery. Wooden barrels and porch installations gave the venue a homely, down south feel, rocking chairs included.

First to perform on Wednesday night’s lineup was Grammy-nominated artist and producer Mr. Pauer (aka Toto González). Still riding the wave of his tour for the recently released Orange, González rocked the house con un conjunto y tambora, leaving audience members breathless. It was a whirlwind set filled with cumbia-meets-tribal-meets-80s-synth-pop – a truly spectacular performance that swept spectators away.

Mr. Pauer
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Next up was Latin Grammy winner Mala Rodríguez, whose coquettish rhymes flip the script on mainstream hip-hop narratives. She performed a few memorable hits, and ended her set with a heart-pumping song that set the crowd roaring.

Last to perform was acid-jazz and funk soul brothers Los Amigos Invisibles. Their performance was a mashup of all things funky and right with the world. If you came to this party with any workday blues, they did an unbelievable job of chasing them away. Midway through their set, La Mala Rodríguez joined Los Amigos on stage to belt out the ultra sexy “Cuchi Cuchi”  – let’s just say jaws dropped.

Mala Rodríguez and Julio Briceño of Los Amigos Invisibles
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On Thursday, a whole new crew of fans came out in droves to see another ambitious lineup, which did not disappoint. For this night, the crowd was treated to iconic rock en español bands Toque Profundo and Kinky. Toque Profundo has had an illustrious career since the late 1980s, becoming one of the Dominican Republic’s most commercially successful rock bands. They delivered heavy rock tunes, with an emphasis on acoustics and electric guitars for a harder edge.

Closing the show was the always brilliant Kinky. The Monterrey quintet formed in the late 1990s, taking part in the influential Avanzada Regia movement. During Kinky’s performance, the energetic band captivated the crowd with a few new tunes and a number of fan favorites. One personal highlight was “Si Señor” – the iconic Control Machete cut that Kinky has covered countless times throughout their long career. The song brewed feelings of enthusiasm, pride, and most definitely heat, sending dozens of patrons to the bar for a drink.

All in all, both of the shows were unforgettable, making for two nights of musical magic. Some of these artists were pioneers in their genres, building their respective movements from the ground up. With the new generation of Latin indie acts turning heads online and onstage, it’s reassuring to know that the scene’s stalwarts can still rock the house.

Next stop, Texas! Visit to see when House Siete is coming to a city near you!

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