How Growing Up Black in Spain Turned John Grvy Into a Musician

Photo by Itzel Alejandra Martinez

Growing up, Nigerian-born John Grvy was the only black kid in his small Spanish town. In a roundabout way, that experience turned him into a musician.

“I started making music almost accidentally,” he explained to The Line of Best Fit back in November. “Being the only black kid in school in a small village, an older friend of mine thought I would be a good rapper. I was horrible but managed to record a song for the girl I was dating at his home studio. I really enjoyed the experience and I started making beats and recording with a PC mic. I felt in love with doing music just for me to vibe to – but unfortunately we broke up months later.”

We caught up with him to hear about his first-ever SXSW and how the riotous spirit of garage and punk informs his live show.

Thumbnail photo: Itzel Alejandra Martinez