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Judge Declares Rochy RD & La Demente Innocent of Sexual Assault of a Minor

Photo Courtesy of @rochyrd/Instagram

[Content warning: This story contains sensitive content regarding sexual assault.]

There’s an update on the Dominican dembow artist Rochy RD and Dominican singer La Demente’s cases regarding their indictment for sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of a minor. On Apr. 3, the Santo Domingo District Court denied the petition of both charges brought by the Public Prosecutor’s Office against both artists, per Diario Libre. With this, both artists are declared innocent of said charges.

The dismissal of charges was due to the minor denying facts of the allegations while getting interviewed in a Gesell Observation Dome–used to minimize the observer’s influence on the choices or actions of minors. During this interview, “the teenager denied the facts adamantly,” reportedly. 

Because of this, both artists are reportedly innocent of all the charges they were accused of last year. In 2022, the Dominican rapper was accused of sexually abusing a 16-year-old girl. The Dominican singer, La Demente, was also allegedly involved in a sex-trafficking network of children. She was accused of being Rochy RD’s pimp.

Social media users have a lot to say about the court’s decision. A Twitter user wrote, “It is a pity that the plaintiff did not continue the process because of fear or price. People like Rochyrd/la Demente will continue to commit the same atrocities, damaging the integrity and mental health of more minor victims.” Another user wrote, “How can we rescue moral values, so necessary in a society that walks like a crab?”

On the other hand, since posting bail, Rochy RD has been active in the music scene. Late last month, he was seen partying with U.S. rapper Quavo in the Dominican Republic. He has also done live performances and released music since his release last summer.