Justin Quiles Takes Us Track by Track for His Latest Album ‘La Última Promesa’

Courtesy of Warner Latin

Few people can be said to personify the current explosion of reggaetón as Justin Quiles. Not only is he a successful singer with three charting albums under his belt, but he is also one of the most prolific and successful songwriters working in the genre. His talent and savviness have made him a go-to collaborator of such big names as Maluma, J Balvin, Daddy Yankee, Yandel, and many more; resulting in an impressive list of hits, including Karol G’s unstoppable “Bichota.” Now, the Connecticut-born, Florida-raised Puerto Rican artist is ready for more achievements with his newest full-length album, La Última Promesa.


The title of his third album is a nod to his debut, 2016’s La Promesa, but it’s in no way a look to the past. Instead, La Última Promesa is a reaffirmation of what makes Quiles such an important and eclectic artist. With the assistance of some of the genre’s current biggest stars such as Maluma, Rauw Alejandro, and Sech, Quiles delivers a diverse collection of songs full of unstoppable hooks and great vibes that spin next level storytelling lyrics where love, lust, and chill become the perfect soundtrack for the turnt up.


Below, Quiles breaks down every track from La Última Promesa.

“Quítate Eso” 

Take that off! This is a song we wrote in Puerto Rico in a camp that I did. It has a super cool vibe, it’s something different. I put it as number one on my album because I feel that, since it’s a chill song, it gives the introduction of what Justin Quiles is. Also, people are going to like it a lot. It’s like a slow grinding type of music, you know, more chill. To dedicate, to dance, it’s for a little bit of everything.


“Colorín Colorado”

This song is super special. I think it’s very different, and I don’t think anyone has ever used the word “colorín colorado” in a song, and it’s like our story is over. The book is closed, colorín colorado, it’s over, it’s done. I think it is a song that anyone who has gone through something similar will dedicate it to someone, and they will live it more, like storytelling. Like Justin Quiles with songs like “Orgullo,” “Egoísta,” “Confusión.” And now I come to you with a “Colorín Colorado,” that kind of song that fans expect from Justin Quiles.


“Americana” ft. Rauw Alejandro

This is a collaboration where me and Rauw find ourselves in a rhythm that I think is perfect for both of us, something commercial but also danceable. The song basically talks about a girl that has the flow of America. Because there are a lot of Latinas in America that have the flow of America, but they are actually Latinas, so that’s what we’re talking about. And it’s super cool, something different too, another concept of the rhythm. Even the lyrics and the mix.


“La Botella” ft. Maluma

This song talks about how if she were here, I wouldn’t touch another bottle. I’d leave the party and I’d clean myself of everything for her. I mean, I’d leave everything I was doing for that woman if she comes back. So everyone who is in that position will identify with this song, and those who are not will enjoy it just as much because it’s even danceable. It’s a song where Maluma and Justin Quiles work very well together and it has a video as well. 


“Apretón” ft.  Lenny Tavárez & Dalex

“Apretón” is a super classic reggaetón. I had to include a reggaetón track on my album. One of these danceable ones. I think it will become the favorite of many because it’s the kind of reggaetón that people like. Old school reggaetón to party, to dance, to have a good time to it. I had to invite my bro Dalex and Lenny Tavárez for “Apretón,” which is super dope too because we all need a good squeeze at a given moment.


“Get Wild” ft. Chris Marshall

Directly from Jamaica, it’s something different. It also has a more of a dancehall vibe, more laid back. And I love it because it has that vibe of the Caribbean, of the island, and the rhythm is super good. Chris Marshall gives the Jamaican touch to the song. I think a lot of people haven’t heard me speaking English. In this song, I sing in English, he sings in English and Spanish, so it’s super cool. 


“Contradicción” ft. Sech.

It’s a song where me and Sech contradict each other, where we say I love you, I hate you, I remember you, I forget you, I wish you well, but I actually wish you ill. This is also going to be one of the people’s favorites, I think. They are going to enjoy it a lot. You know that when I get together with Sech, we have never failed a song. And, well, this one is not going to be the exception. I know that this song is going to stick with people, they’re going to like it. “Contradicción,” I know that many of my fans are waiting for it because I uploaded it on social media and they went crazy.

Courtesy of Warner Latin
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“Tienes Razón”

“Tienes Razón” is already the vibe of Justin Quiles, one of my romantic songs. It has the style of my previous songs, as my fans expect them to be. My fans like “Tienes Razón.” It’s where I agree that she is right because I failed her, so I agreed with her in this song. It’s super cool, the story and the rhythm and what the song says. I think it’s also going to connect with a lot of people if they’re going through that. Dimelo Flow loves this track, that’s his favorite, and the favorite of other friends of mine as well. 


“Texto Sucio” ft. Mariah Angeliq

It’s a really dope song. The song was recorded over a year and a half ago, but it had not been released. I had already recorded a couple of songs with [Mariah] before she released “Perreito” and the subsequent songs. I always saw the potential in her. I am glad of what is happening to her career, that’s why she had to be on this album with “Texto Sucio.” We are sending dirty texts in the song, that’s why it is called that. Mariah gave the album a touch of sensuality and made it feel complete. The song provides the touch of sensuality, as we say, the “bellaqueo.” We’ve all sent dirty texts at some point, so “Texto Sucio,” enjoy it.


“Pam” ft. Daddy Yankee & El Alfa

I think it’s a track that a lot of people have already heard. “Pam” is more like a more commercialized dembow, and I think it was something different to bring Daddy Yankee, El Alfa, and Justin Quiles together in this collaboration. People enjoy it a lot. They dance to it a lot, very explosive for the club. 


“Ponte Pa Mí”

This is a typical slow reggaetón, one of those super yummy ones to dance to, to enjoy. In the song, I tell her that this guy is not working out for her anymore, come on, ponte pa mí. I’ve known for a long time that you are single, you know what I mean? The song is super cool too, people have already received it well.



How’d you fit in those jeans? The question many men ask themselves and that women can also ask men. I think it’s a different concept. Nobody had talked about jeans in such a way and I had the audacity to do it. Thank God it was a success. It is one of the songs that has been very successful.


“Se Te Olvidó”

We all think we are unforgettable, that’s why I made this song. For all of those who think we are unforgettable that say, “This person can’t forget me, how can that be? I’m never going to forget.” Well, this is the song to dedicate when you’re feeling unforgettable, because it says, “you did everything, but you forgot to forget me.”


“Loco” ft. Chimbala & Zion & Lennox

To finish off the album, “Loco,” it’s the song of the moment right now, the song of the summer. It’s something different, something tropical, something that might be out of the Justin Quiles line, and I think it has worked very well. I think the fans loved this new proposal that we made and there is no better way to close the album than with this hit with Zion and Lennox and Chimbala.

Translation by Debora Olalla.