Kalis Uchis: Essential Facts / Essential Tracks

Kali Uchis may be one of the hottest tickets this SXSW; she’s scheduled to play five shows at her first time at the festival (including gigs for Tumblr and the Fader Fort), and has already melted hearts by covering Selena. Girl knows what’s she’s doing. Catch up on all things Uchis in our Essential Facts/Essential Tracks series highlighting SXSW 2015’s artists.


Known as: Vocalist and occasional talk-rap crooner. Her DIY mentality also gives her the title of director, writer, producer, designer and stylist.

Background: Colombian-born, Virginia-raised.

Sounds like: Her dreamy vocals bring on a nostalgia that eerily-but-pleasantly reminds the listener of the late British singer Amy Winehouse. If there’s one thing that Kali and Amy have in common, it’s their ability to sing over an eclectic mix of musical genres, from reggae-influenced tracks to piano-prominent instrumentals. Not shy about deviating from the norm, the platinum blonde colombiana fuses her cultural roots in her music, weaving Spanish lyrics seamlessly throughout her singles.

Why you should see her showcase: Not trying to name-drop or anything, but she’s garnered the attention of artists and producers like Diplo, Snoop Dogg and Tyler, the Creator. Two of which she already has worked with. Her musical range will most likely fit the taste of anyone who likes feel-good fun music. It’s also her first time performing at SXSW, which means you’ll still be able to say you “discovered” her during her first showcase.

Mega-Bono Fact: Kali shares a birthday with one of her main influences, M.I.A. – July 18. And in case you’re wondering whom she lists as one of her dream collaborations, it’s none other than funk legend Bootsy Collins. Imagine the audible result.